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The First Time I Rode a Motorcycle

In view of my desire to be the tough guy, I had always wanted to ride my own bike, which I felt for some reason to be a natural instinct in me. My brother who rides a 2003 Harley Heritage Springer and who also has a few other bikes from Harleys to British, has often taken me for rides with him but I had never rode a bike by myself. He is a member of a bike club and considers the act of driving very seriously. It was always a nice and close feeling to go out with him on different occasions but I also wanted to achieve for myself the ability to ride a bike.

In earlier days I had enrolled in driving courses and cancelled them for several reasons, but in June last year there was a turning point when I decided it was now or never, especially since most of my other friends already owned powerful bikes and were zipping through the city on them. I booked the course for myself and although I did panic at first, and could not adapt to the shifting of the gears, but a patient instructor repeatedly explained and demonstrated the entire process until I finally mastered the act.

Eventually it became lot of fun and I began to love the lessons. There were moments during the learning process when I virtually banged into the garage doors and into a car but it was all very adventurous. The first time I took on my new bike, a Harley FXRS, for a solo ride after I got my license, was quite an adventure for me. Having taken off on my neighbor hood roads I suddenly saw a mud puddle and instinctively locked the front brake but went crashing down the side of the road and banged into the boundary wall of a house that was not much far from my house.

The first thought that struck me was to lift the bike and in the process my legs were badly skinned and bruised while my toe was throbbing in pain. It hurt a great deal while walking and I wondered what I should do next, thinking that I may have fractured my leg. From my cell phone I phoned my brother who came soon after and had the bike picked up. But at that juncture I was rather disappointed in my first attempt proving to be such a failure and conveyed to my brother about my decision to never ride the bike again.

But he lifted my spirits in saying that riding a bike was just like riding a horse, where one gets bucked off but gets back on it. He encouraged me by saying that I could certainly do it and I went back to attend the course. Having undergone the driving course again I felt I had higher confidence levels but this time I decided to buy a lighter bike and to drive carefully and with caution. Although I have still not been able to get over the fear entirely but I have geared up into riding the bike regularly.

I have also met with minor accidents with the lighter bike but that doesn’t mean that I will again develop the fear to give up and leave the bike. I go out more on solo rides and have learnt how to manipulate with the throttle and breaks. The bike is now proving to become a pleasure. Works Cited How To Ride a Motorcycle, BBC Home, http://www. bbc. co. uk/dna/h2g2/A271720, Accessed on 14. 3. 09

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