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Natural Light Analytical Report

Since awareness in Climate Change is on an all time high, means on preserving the planet has been the battle cry of everyone, and that includes conserving energy; Modern houses today are built to be “green” their architecture is designed to maximize natural light to illuminate space. If you are planning to buy a house, or doing some renovation, here are some factors and tips to consider for buying/renovating for an eco-friendly house. Placement of Windows Windows are the main source of natural light for houses, how they are placed inside the house is vital in allowing the maximum amount of light to enter the house.

Windows are usually placed on high walls to allow light and air to enter the house. The advantages of installing windows are it is the most effective way of illuminating space and it also provides ventilation. While the cons is it requires the most work to be installed. (Image: Large windows allow a lot of light to enter a room) Paint The placement of windows is not the only way to illuminate a house. A change of color is enough to make a room appear lighter. Light colors make a room appear bright.

Light colored interiors would also reflect light inside the house, enhancing its luminosity. The pros of paint is it is easy to install (or apply) and can even be done without the use of professionals. The cons are the owner would be limited to lighter colors and the application of paint can be messy and emit a chemical smell for a few days. (Image: the combination of a light colored interior with large and high walls. ) Mirrors Mirrors provide more light in a room by reflecting light. It disperses light that it catches throughout the room without the use of electricity.

The pros of installing mirrors is it is the least expensive way in increasing the quantity of light and the added aesthetics it provides, it also creates an illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is. The cons are mirrors cause glare and can even cause a room to heat up. (Image: A large mirror effectively reflects large amounts of light) Recommendations The least expensive way to increase a house’s luminosity is to install mirrors not only are they cheap and easy to install but they are also stylish. Depending on the size of the house, applying light colored paint is next for it can be done by the owners themselves.

Most expensive is installing windows, windows require extensive renovation and often, a professional is required, which costs money, but they are definitely the most effective. A new paint job would best fit an old house because it’s unlikely that an old house would be fitted by new windows because it can distort the whole design of the house. Mirrors on the other hand are considered mostly to be a modern design on houses and therefore, not match the old design. Though there are old design of mirrors, installing a lot of them is not quite stylish.

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