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A Decade and a Different Perspective

Over a decade has passed since Deborah Tannen’s socio-linguistic book, You Just Don’t Understand was published. Since the date of publication many advances in technology have changed the landscape of communication making the emphasis on face-to... read more

Mixed Martial Arts and Ethics

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a form of combat sports that involves the use of variety of fighting skills, martial arts and combat techniques to defeat a particular opponent. This particular sport can be traced way back on 648 B. C. The earliest docu... read more

Bottled Water as a Global Product

Since before, water has been considered as a universal solvent. Everywhere you can find a safe water to drink. However, continuous water pollution made water unsafe due to hazardous pollutants that resulted to water filtration. Since water get more... read more

Sports golf

Nike researchers found out that amongst all other sports golf has the advantage from next coming favorable demographic trends. The aging baby boomers and the rising echo boom generation will affect the sport of golf. Researches revealed that the go... read more

Frequency of Literary Reading Continues to Plummet

I need to make a work cited page for an essay. I have used 6 sources for that all of which are articles,I am going to include the name of the article, the author and the publication date. I need you to google them using the articles name so you can... read more

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The novel Breakfast at Tiffany’s is written by the American playwright and novelist, Truman Capote. Truman Capote wrote many novels and short stories and is most remembered by his non-fiction novel entitled, “In cold Blood” where he objective... read more

Major League Baseball Scout

Tazawa is a successful and worldly known baseball scout from Japan, with five feet and ten inches. He is said to have good command of his fastball and slurve with a challenging stamina, velocity and acute ability to keep the ball down. He has playe... read more

Global Capitalism as Enslaving the Third World

The concept of the multinational exploitation of the third world is a large and complicated issue. This paper will attempt to summarize the main ideas in this debate, both the view of comparative advantage and the rationality of the international d... read more

Mobil in Aceh: A bloody profit margin

In the late 90’s, the head of Mobil Oil Indonesia, Ron Wilson, was pondering his response to accusations that were leveled against his company that the company was privy to several serious violations of human rights in the Indonesian province of ... read more

Mobility in the Twenty-First Century

People live a fast-paced life even before the turn of the century. The competition for wants and necessities compels people to plan ahead and value the available time they have. Advances in technology had allowed people to perform real-time tasks s... read more

Safer Homes for Ageing People

Ageing people experience weaker muscle tissues with time. This situation often results to certain limitations to carryout some tasks that use to be simple for the individual. Thus, a good number of old people experience some significant difficulty ... read more


The emergence of technology has brought upon us autonomy. From the invention of the wheel to the manufacturing of nanochips, technology has provided for us an opportunity to extend ourselves beyond the limit of time and space. As we continue to be ... read more

Moby Dick

The novel Moby Dick was the sixth novel published by Herman Melville, a landmark of American literature that mixed a number of literary styles including a fictional adventure story and historical detail. The story’s central theme is revenge, wher... read more

Comment on teachers’ question

I found this site very informative. I selected the career life stage. I understood how to plan my finances according to my financial goals. I came to know how to build a financial security net. Having a financial security net could be very useful i... read more

Modeling & organizations

Modeling allows for a mode of inquiry to be developed pertaining to the area in which it is being used. By bringing together the logical, mathematical and physical characteristics that a phenomenon possess, a model allows for an in-depth analysis w... read more

Modeling and Gender Roles

Stormshak , Elizabeth and Liliana J. Lengua . (2000). Gender, Gender Roles, and Personality: Gender Differences in the Prediction of Coping and Psychological Symptoms. Sex Roles. (43)11-12: 787-820. Morris, Michael and Viswanath Venkatesh. (2000). ... read more

Models of Argument

While the three main models of argument—Classical, Toulmin and Rogerian—share the same goals, each of these models takes a unique approach. The Classical model of argument contains five essential parts, each of which has its own function and al... read more

Soul Mountain by Gao Xingjian

Soul Mountain is a Nobel Prize, award-winning novel written by Gao Xingjian in 1989. Xingjian is a talented Chinese playwright, critic, writer and an artist who is also educated and well-versed in French. His written works and contribution in liter... read more

Modern Chinese History

Modern China as we know it today has had to undergo a long transformational journey that has given it a completely new face. The China of 1500BC was quite different from the China of 2008 as we see it today. The earliest written history about China... read more

Psychological Association

The role of an artist is to reinvent the world; through sculpture, painting, and any other artistically expressionistic manner. Jackson Pollock’s contribution to the artistic world and to art history is enveloped with is many great paintings, and... read more

Modern Day Piracy

Piracy is a modern day phenomenon brought on by an endless quest for profit. Rather than the romantic stories of pirates from days long gone, these pirates currently terrorize ship captains with violence, particularly on the Gulf of Aden, the South... read more

Practise development

The youth are the future of the nation. This is a sentiment echoed in every institution, communal gathering, literature or participative forum that involves the subject of the youth. They all agree that the youth must be developed into responsible ... read more

An Analysis of Modern Chinese Literature

The central conflict in Yu Dafu’s short story, “Sinking,” was the main character’s inability to handle some of his personal issues that were initially influenced by his failures in reconciling his national identity to the kind of life and e... read more

The Impact of Taiping Rebellion to Modern China

The Taiping rebellion was one kind of revolt that can be described as a “large scale revolt” in the history of China. It took place from 1850-1864 under the Qing Dynasty. The Taiping Rebellion as well as many other rebellions of the same nature... read more

Colonization and decolonization

The human race has been known for struggle for power alongside the struggle for survival since time in memorial. This has always led to disagreements and several out comes of selfishness greed and even wars. The struggle for power does not only app... read more

Modern Day Voodoo

Modern day Voodoo, or Hoodoo, is an underground religion or cult that is now known to be present within the United States. The exact date or place of origin is unknown; “Nobody can say where it begins or ends” (Hurston 1970:231). The name Voodo... read more

Modern Physics

1. How did Rutherford determine the size of a nucleus? What is the reasoning behind it? Rutherford made use of the principle of conservation of energy to determine the size of the nucleus. He made an indirect use of energy to calculate the distance... read more

Analysis and Modern Memory of the Great War

Every war is expected to be ironic as it is worse than anticipated. It consists of very ironic situation because the purposes of war are so histrionically disproportionate to its assumed ends. Million of people were destroyed in the Great War as pe... read more

The Colonial Experience

Social institutions are human inventions. Their existence as well as their continuous existence requires collective human effort in terms of collectively believing that these institutions (1) exist, (2) have certain tasks to perform and are authori... read more

Modern technology in our today life

The word technology originated or was derived from the Greek word, Technologia that strictly meant the use of tools and materials for human assistance in adapting to his environment. Technology is therefore a concept that deals with the usage of to... read more