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Whistleblowing and nonviolence

NO! Whistleblowing shows disloyalty to what you are committed to (for example, an organization you belong). In the very simplest explanation, they disobey the code of silence and secrecy, and so disobeying the organization follows immediately. Ther... read more

Good police ethic or not

YES! First, we define the term whistle blowing. Whistleblowing is said to be telling in public the wrongdoing within an organization of those who are in the position or those who have an authority. There are many reasons why whistleblowing is somew... read more

Marketing plan: The olde distillerie

Scotch whisky is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world(Anonymous 2002). Owing its flavor from the fines brewing processes and environment of Scotland, it was no doubt that the emergence of this drink led to the spontaneous growth... read more

Bruce Dowbiggn

In the book written by Bruce Dowbiggn, the stick is taken to represent hockey and hockey forms an iconic symbol of Canada as a country. Hockey is a concrete evidence of Canadian culture which provides a link to their history. The stick always mirro... read more

The Genesis of Information Age

The development of the “information age” can be considered as the highlight of the modern society. This can be attributed to the fact that the different technologies that were developed in the modern era are related to the improvement of the in... read more

Basic criticisms

According to David Shaw, the two basic criticisms of embedded reporters are that the reporters will be unable to avoid focusing on the small picture (individual battles, human-interest stories) instead of an overall picture of the war, and that the... read more

Rules and Boundaries

Rules and boundaries within a system are created by the pattern of interactions that occur. They are based on the values of the system and are maintained by the interactions that occur. Rules and boundaries are not visible, but merely understood by... read more

Systems theory

Systems theory is based on the belief that when two people exist in a relationship, they have an equal cause and effect on each other. The emphasis is on reciprocity, recursion, and shared responsibility. Throughout a relationship, people develop p... read more

Liberation Sociology

Hegelianism is originally created by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel who was born in Germany devoting his entire life in the study of contemporary philosophy and Greek classics. According to Hegel, all reality is able to expressed in rational categor... read more

Theories relevant in understanding our society

Our society today confronts a major crisis and dilemma and with some setbacks on the political and economic side of the fence. It is not surprising that many emerging critical theories in the social science, humanities and philosophy that developed... read more

Phoenix Jackson

It was December—a bright frozen day in the early morning. Far out in the country there was an old Negro woman with her head tied red rag, coming along a path through the pinewoods. Her name was Phoenix Jackson. She was very old and small and she ... read more

Journal: Whistle Blowing

At first glance, the term “whistle-blowing” basically sounds like the corporate version of tattletaling, but the definition given in class cleared up a lot of points and made a lot of very important distinctions. Some of the most relevant disti... read more

Whirlpool Europe Case Study

The investment in ERP which promises good benefits to the company in terms of better sales, better gross margin and other cost saving is justified by the positive Net Present Value (NPV) of about $ 380 million. The company should proceed with the p... read more

Interpretations of the word “supervision”

There are a number of interpretations of the word “supervision”, but normally supervision involves the activities performed by supervisors in overseeing the productivity and development of employees who account directly to the supervisor. For i... read more

Supervision of Curriculum and Instruction

Many school administrators and scholars in the public management sector have argued that mission statements serve an important purpose towards meeting objectives (Weiss & Piderit, 1999). An analysis of three hundred four public schools suggests... read more

We the People

We the people of the United States are represented by a diversity of religions, races, and cultures, and proudly so. Honoring this diversity, we challenge ourselves day after day to meet our ideals of morality, justice, equality and fraternalism ... read more

Supervisor Interview

The process of interview is an important process in shaping learning and understanding the different tasks involved in the workplace. Here, it opens up opportunities for professionals to develop new ways of applying the principles and concepts taug... read more

Multicultural Teams

Globalization has seen the entrance of new and necessary business adjustments. The expansion of giant corporations across the borders coupled with increased labor mobility has caused the influx of foreign laborers and managers into various countrie... read more

Mysterious part

Witchcraft has been a mysterious part of the occult for many centuries. Known in modern times as Wicca, a nature-based religion, witchcraft has survived, evolving despite doubt and fear. Wicca can be considered a useful resource in contemporary wom... read more

Super sizing

The interesting thing about this specific documentary is the depth of impact that it had on social behaviors. While the movie was being filmed, McDonald’s got wind of the experiment, because Spurlock told them and invited them to take part in the documentary. McDonald’s decli... read more

The term documentary

For years, people have assumed that documentary meant fact and for many generations of filmmakers, the term documentary was often confused with extended news analysis or historical information film. Only in recent years have film makers adapted the... read more

Supernova of 1054

A supernova is the massive explosion of a star, and is one of the most violent events in the Universe (Hall 3913). In a single deluge, a massive star may blow itself to pieces and release as much energy as an entire galaxy for a brief time. There a... read more

Superstition- Knocking on Wood

People usually glance around the environment and begin to ponder abstractly. The term superstition is synonymous with imagination. People of the early periods use superstition in order for them to explain what is happening in the world that they ar... read more

The Changing Perception of Femininity in Print Ads

The use of femininity as a means to selling consumer products has been in practice for centuries. From artful pinups of beautiful women in flowing gowns used to sell theatre tickets and spirituous beverages in early printing history to centerfold s... read more

The Superstitious Yankee

British Journalist Jane Moore’s documentary “Supermarket Secrets” made me see that contrary to the old saying, what we don’t know can actually hurt us. This documentary, which is based on Moore’s investigation of how supermarkets can affo... read more

Eating Out Pattern

This table gives the opinion that dietary and nutritional intakes are not in balanced condition though literatures and researches say that Chinese cuisines and foods are good for health. The observation made in the above table points out clearly th... read more

Nutritional Factors Resulting in Obesity

Numerous empirical researchers also indicate that Hong Kong is in the early stages of obesity, when compared with countries like the United States. This is attributable to the fact that Chinese food items have comparatively low calories, as they st... read more

Psychological and Social health Effects

Obesity has social, psychological and emotional penalties. Our society illustrates emphasis on being thin and skinny, with models strutting at the runway looking like walking pogo sticks, and nice looking clothes paraded around that can only fit pe... read more

Obesity Defined

This chapter includes background information and reviews of relevant research. Research has pointed out the difference between intake of nutrient density at home and away from home and the increased consumption of snacks among young adults. Studies... read more

Heredity or Genetics

Although in some rare cases, medical conditions, such as an endocrine disorder like hypothyroidism, may cause a child to become overweight. The family doctor can carry out a careful physical examination and maybe some blood tests, if at all necessa... read more