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Fiber Optics in Communication

A fiber is a flexible, hair – like strand of a substance and is the smallest visible unit of any textile product. It is very much long in relation to its width or at least one hundred times longer than it is wide. A particular fiber’s propertie... read more

Fiber Optics

Fiber optics deals with transmission of light through thin, transparent fibers. Light signals enters at one end and travel which take place through the fiber to the other end with very little loss of light. They have transmitting devices which are ... read more

Fiction Analysis: The Storm by Kate Chopin

Kate Chopin was an American author who wrote feminist theme based short stories. The themes of her stories related to female sexuality, liberation and her works received extensive criticism from moral watch watchdogs of the day and her works were a... read more

Feudalism in Japan and Europe

In the present day, people live under the political system of a democracy. The principle is guided by the notion that each man, great or small, rich or poor, is afforded equality under the law of the land, and is given equal protection and as well ... read more

Coursework On Moral Responsibility

In every civilised society, there is a certain level of responsibility required of every citizen living in that society. The word responsibility, I will say is coined from two words which are RESPONSE and ABILITY- The ability to respond to a certai... read more

In the 22nd Century

In the 22nd Century, modernization and developments had been present in the society. Different technological advancements have flourished different ideologies had been theorized. Due to the great amount of mistakes which had been done in the 21st c... read more

Moral Philosophy Crime And Punishment

This report examines the topic of moral philosophy in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, focusing on how the work reflects on many of the moral philosophy theories of Kant, and looking at relations from a close reading of the text. Dostoevsky’s... read more

Concepts of Morality

The seat of morality and the essence of the Summum Bonum have been subjects of great controversy of numerous philosophies. Determining the nature of each of these concepts leads to the derivation of what morals should be held by society at large. S... read more

Moral Philosophy, Ethics, and Jane Austin

Jane Austen the English writer (1775-1817) was one of the most significant novelists of the Nineteenth century. In her extreme concentration on the thoughts and feelings of a limited amount of characters, Jane Austen creates as profound an understa... read more

Moral Philosophy

The basic concepts of altruistic and egoistic theories are as different as the individuals who believe in these concepts. Altruism is based on the idea of duty to the group, while egoism is based on the duty to oneself. In relation to many of the c... read more

The Most Moral Important Ideals

Setting up an ‘ideal’ is like establishing a goal. In terms of morality, the ‘ideal’ denotes practices that are supposed to produce good results and actions that are good in themselves. Now, the notion of good can be subjective, relative or... read more

Immanuel Kant, John Stuart Mill and James Rachels

Defining morality has always been a challenge to philosophers even from the beginning of time. Philosophers have come up with various philosophies which all attempt to raise their own objective and subjective definition of morality. The most famous... read more

Kohlberg’s Models on Moral Development

Morality is a sense of right and wrong, which maintain stability among individuals. Kohlberg's models described that an infant is born as clean slates without any sort of morals; these developed naturally as the child develop and it can be measured... read more

Cultural Relativism

Ruth Benedict and James Rachels have both tackled the issue of Cultural Relativism in both their works, “Anthropology and the Abnormal” and “The Challenge of Cultural Relativism,” respectively. Despite the similarity in topics, the two auth... read more

Literature review

This literature review shall be reviewing documents written about the topic at hand: Fuzzy-Front End of Product at Technology Startups. It shall give importance to studies conducted by names that have long been respected in the field including: Khu... read more

Feudalism in Medieval Japan

Feudalism is a term used during the early modern period to describe the most classic medieval political system. This period is highly characterized by the dominance of military obligations for the purposes of war nobilities and concepts revolving a... read more

Moral and ethical issues

In the movie the blind mountain by Li-Yang, A young Chinese girl, Xuemei, travels to the mountain village of Shaanxi province in search of a job she has been promised with a herbal clinic. The man and woman who took her turn out to be kidnappers wh... read more

Life of Homosexuality

Gay people need gay rights laws so that they are treated more like anyone else who isn’t gay. Gays have been persecuted for many years, simply because of their sexual preference. The gay rights laws is not asking for special privileges in any way... read more

Monuments: Disney Concert Hall and Paris Opera House

Two of the most exquisitely designed music halls in the world can be found in Los, Angeles, California and Paris, France. The Walt Disney Concert Hall and The Paris Opera House (Palais Garnier) have rich musical histories that serve as an inspirati... read more

Geological and Environmental Implications

The Caribbean island arc system consists of more than 7000 islands which are located in the Caribbean oceanic plate. Montserrat Island is one among the famous island of this arch. Montserrat island stretch covers an area of 102square kilometers. Th... read more

Fires in the Mirror

Leonard Jeffries in Fires in the Mirror is a controversial intelligent man who speaks in the play about the work he did with Alex Haley on the famous book and television series Roots. After going through extreme success in his private education, Le... read more

Mono Printing

Mono printing is a process in which printing plates are used in combination with oil-based or water-based or paint for creating individual prints. A mono print is unique and it is a single print, thus to create another image, we need to re-ink the ... read more

Understanding the Movie Monkey-Wrenching Raccoons

The anime movie entitled Monkey-Wrenching Raccoons is one of the many legendary full-length animated films that is written and produced by a great Japanese director and animator named Isao Takahata. This animation, which is also known as PomPoko, a... read more

Big Brother effect

Every employer wants to make sure that the employees are fully committed to their work and are performing to the best of their ability. Every employer would like to believe that the productivity of his or her employees is at optimal level. However,... read more

Great Britain Pound

Telling about the pair JPY vs USD, it can be seen on the Picture 4 a long-term down-trend (mentioned by www. plattx. com as “a price pattern characterized by subsequent falling highs and falling lows”) with a correction from March 2008 till Aug... read more

Theoretical Orientation

The authors reviewed literature to gather information to be able to define and describe why women resort to violence with an intimate partner or even stranger. Accordingly women violence can be rooted to one of these defects: (1) biological defects... read more

Dutch painter

Some people say that the object of one’s art has a lot to say about who the artist is. This just goes to show that an era of art form subject and styles can also tell a lot about how a culture is during that era of its existence, most of the time... read more

An elected official

Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. Hillary Rodham Clinton is one such individual who is fortunate to ‘enjoy’ all three phases of her life. She has another dimension, as for the achievements, wh... read more

Female roles within street gangs in U.S

Since the evolution of civilization, man has always formed groups, and sects to lead a covered life. As time passed by, the scenario changed, what turned out to be group formation for hunting during the nomadic times led to formation of groups as t... read more

Properties characteristic

Femininity or properties characteristic of the female sex are the following: beauty, grace, talkativeness, mercy, forgiveness, patience, faithfulness and care for the family. Although these defining qualities of the female sex may also define the m... read more