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Fiber Optics

Fiber optics deals with transmission of light through thin, transparent fibers. Light signals enters at one end and travel which take place through the fiber to the other end with very little loss of light. They have transmitting devices which are used to transmit information and they include Fiber optical cable and the receiver which receives light and converts it into electrical signal so that it can portly the required information.

Technology of Fiber optics has developed greatly within the past thousand years which portrays that in future will be quite advanced and the technology will be greatly used to increase the effectivity of work since it will in future be used within a number of fields. Fiber optic is an essential aspect of Internet background and other computer applications and network. It has also facilitated networking in telephone sector. It plays quite a vital part in Internet infrastructure. Its believed that fiber optic will take communication in the right trend in future.

Fiber optics are very important now and in future in every technology aspect of our lives. According to Kleekamp,1982 there are quite a number of areas where fiber optics are applicable in todays technology. These are: Telecommunications- This is a relevant field in fiber optic since it was used since the time that the technology was discovered. Automations within the factory- It has helped in making work easier within the industries since most work is carried out by machine. Wiring promises- This can take place at homes, Industries or factories.

Wide and local area network i. e (WAN and LAN) Biomedical industry- It is used in carrying out various medical operations. Fiber optics are also important in Internet traffic. These applications have specific advantages. It enhances telecommunication over long distances is enhanced by use of Fiber optics technology since there is a higher band width which can take place in single wire strand. Fibers are quite light which makes them easy to be transported to cable and site which cannot take place in case copper wires are used.

Fibers have security advantage since they are more difficult to trap than cooper wires. Telecommunication Application of fiber optics in telecommunication are so wide that they ranges from global network to desktop computers. The technology revolves around data, voice and video transmission which takes place at a distance range of one meter to hundred kilometers whereby a few standards of fiber designs are used in just one over the several cable designs. Plain old telephone services are carried by use of carriers which uses fibers.

They facilitate telephone services within nationwide network. In most cases, local exchange carriers (LECs) carries out similar services at local levels by use of these fibers especially in central office but at time they can extend their services to neighboring homes. In telecommunication, fiber optics are also used widely in transmission of data and these are highly required by multinational firm since they need to have reliable form of data transmission. Companies which deal with television cables also uses fibers which delivers digital videos and data services.

They can transmit broadband signals such as telecast since they have high band width. They also facilitate other systems such as intelligent transportation which deals with traffic lights tool booth which is automated and message signs. All these uses fiber optics which in most cases are based on elementary system. Biomedical industry Optical fibers plays a vital role in biomedical industries since the system is used in most of telemedicine devices to transmit digital diagnostic images. Fiber optics transmit image which are inside human body.

Instruments such as endoscope use fiber optics so that they can view most of inaccessible regions within the human body. Endoscope transmit light beam to the body through use of fibers. Bundle of fibers reflects back the inside of cavity. Many fibers are used whereby each carries final image bit by bit and they construct to magnifier and then they can be viewed. Local area networks (LAN s) and wide area networks (WAN s) LAN enables connection of shared appliance within the offices in local area such as to printer or servers.

This can be used as an aspect of reducing expenses since one appliance can be used to serve a bigger population or can cover a wide range and therefore services are carried out quite conveniently. This enables expansion of which will accommodate additional equipment to users. This enables to send and receive data within a localized area which does not require a lot of movement in office to search for data. In WANs these modern fiber optics, converts electrical signals to light which facilitates transmission of data over cables of fiber optic. They either support multi or single mode fibers.

In WAN fiber optics are most applicable in buildings, between building and also in case of hostile environment since its much better than traditional cables. The cables can be used in long distances and they have smaller diameter which can fit anywhere. Optical fibers data rate is quite high and have a wide band width which makes them to be quite applicable in WAN. Factory Automations Fiber optics in factory automation makes installation to be quite simple are very easy since they can be used even under the most ambient condition such as high temperature of about 300°C (Kleekamp1982).

Development of SU18 which is a sensor made up of series of fiber optics makes the information of application quite simple since they have the following features: Operating mode – High speed, high resolution and standard mode The response time is quite short They have a compact housing which are meant for DIN rail mounting No cross talk Timer functional Optic fibers in factories are most applicable for automated machines whereby they facilitate data link within the factory. Within the factory, they either use single or multi mode optical cables since they propagate in order to feature very small diameter.

The single one have long transmission rate since they have high band width. Therefore they can be used in factories to connect various machine which works under network of connection. Multi mode cables have reduced transmission rate and therefore, they covers less distance as compared to single mode since their band width is quite small. Various automated machines within the factory can hence utilize optical fibers which are used depending on distance that they are meant to cover. Premises wiring

Premises wiring system is based on communication system which includes telephony capability and a communication device which is meant for electrical signaling. Signals are usually converted from backend communication and another system of communication. Electrical signals that are being exchanged between communication device are converted into optical signaling which are transmitted over the optic link and hence they are reconnected to optical signals into electrical signals which are delivered to communication device.

Other areas in todays technology while fiber optics are applicable are: Space and military environment They are quite applicable in these regions since they have a high immunity to influence of electromagnetic and also in interception, their alternation of light power is quite low within a long distance, they have wide transmission due to their wide band width and also they have digital and analogue transmission (Melanine & Macellas, 2007).

The only problems experience due to use of fiber optics in these area are: Light loss due to scattering, Stress tensile and reflection of light due to Interface connection Automotive Optical fiber is greatly used in various automotive since they are used for lighting, communication and also as sensing requirement. Communication and sensing in automotive is very important since they increases safety standards while working with the automobiles. Industries

Within industries, fiber optics are used for transmitting voices, images and data which enhance communication within the industry. They are also used, for lighting and for operating machines and other automotive within the industry. The trend at which the technology is taking is an evident factor that fiber optics technology have band width which has immerse potential of about 50 THZ or more which shows great possibility of future optic application which can result to broad band services such as audio, data and video which can be used at home (Bellis.

2006). Markets can also open interactive communications in future through the use of fiber optics which can take place between consumer and business and this will bring to reality video networks which will be interactive. By use of these fiber optics is also believed to facilitate interactive services in future such as banking and shopping services which one can carry out while still at home. It is also anticipated that interactive distance learning between the tutor and student can take place with the use of the advanced technology.

Last mile in optical fiber starts from curb and end up with television set top which is referred to as fiber to the home and fiber to the curb which show videos which are on demand to be seen as real. Therefore, in conclusion, fiber optics cables has a core and cladding layer which are concentrating layers and they have different reflective index. Reflective index helps in measuring speed of light in maternal. Principle of total internal reflection is used in propagation of light which takes place in optical cables.

Fiber optic has advanced with time and its anticipated that the technology will continue advancing which will lead to automation of so many things. It started with optical telegraph which composed a series of semaphores which were mounted on a tower and therefore, people relied with message form a tower (Haye, 1999, p 47. ). It has advanced to today where people are using telephones and computer systems as a way of convening message to people.

In future, the technology is believed to be quite advanced whereby almost all the activities will be carried out with the use of optical communication.

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