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Coursework On Moral Responsibility

In every civilised society, there is a certain level of responsibility required of every citizen living in that society. The word responsibility, I will say is coined from two words which are RESPONSE and ABILITY- The ability to respond to a certain situation or circumstance. This is actually what distinguishes the patriots from the villains. To every man living on this planet, is the free will given to do what is right. But the question now is, does everybody do the right thing always?

The answer to that question is NO. What now is Moral Responsibility? This is simply defined as being worthy of a particular kind of reaction — praise, blame, or something similar to these — for having performed it. Simply put moral responsibility is seen on the basis of what is done or what is left undone. This kind of ‘feeling’ is self-directed. Example of a moral responsibility in my work place is the punctuality work. It is every staff’s responsibility to get to the office as early as 8:00a.

m. This is a moral responsibility. It also is an obligation. The job at the office has to be done. Nobody will take anyone’s job . They signed up for it so it is their responsibility to arrive early to do their job or else others could be hurt by their negligence. Although, it may often be the case that when a person is morally responsible for some act, they are also legally responsible for some act, there are clearly exceptions to this rule.

Rules of law and rules of ethics do not always overlap. Moral responsibility is an ethical ‘thing’. Be it moral or legal responsibility, it is the duty of an individual to rise up to the task and do what he or she should do The choice still lies with the individual what path he or she will choose to follow. Reference: http://plato. stanford. edu/entries/moral-responsibility (2004) Standard Encyclopaedia of Philosophy retrieved on May 7,2009.

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