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Life of Homosexuality

Gay people need gay rights laws so that they are treated more like anyone else who isn’t gay. Gays have been persecuted for many years, simply because of their sexual preference. The gay rights laws is not asking for special privileges in any way, what it does ask for is to be treated fairly, without discrimination as they are people just like those who aren’t gay. You cannot help who you love, you cannot help what your heart tells you or where your attractions lie.

Being in love or being attracted to the same sex is not illegal, just uncomfortable for some, just as colored people or different ethnics used to make people feel uncomfortable. In a psychological sense, what people don’t know or understand, they fear; what they may think as disgusting, they push away; what they don’t like, they try and make disappear. This is an ever changing world and there is no way that those who do not accept a gay person, will make a gay person disappear. The gay society accepts us, even those who are against them, all they are asking for is the same.

Should gay men and lesbians be barred from certain jobs? Why should gays be barred from certain jobs? That is about the most ignorant question I can come up with. There is no reason why gays or lesbians should be barred from any job, especially if they are qualified for it. People may not understand or even like the fact of a gay or lesbian person working with them but to not allow them to do a certain job, to bar them from working, based upon a preference is not fair and not right and goes against their constitutional rights of basic humanity.

So to answer the question as to whether these people, who have done nothing wrong, except to invoke an unnecessary, unprovoked and accidental fear into a person, simply because of the way a person discriminates; NO, gays and lesbians should not be banned from certain jobs. The one thing, from experience that I have seen, is that gays and lesbians that I have met, have generally become very good friends. References Straight Talk about Homosexuality” by Diversity Works (nd) http://safezone. fsu. edu/questions. htm

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