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Theoretical Orientation

The authors reviewed literature to gather information to be able to define and describe why women resort to violence with an intimate partner or even stranger. Accordingly women violence can be rooted to one of these defects: (1) biological defects; (2) hormonal influence; or (3) psychological syndrome as a result from severe oppression. The article reviewed literature that would enlighten on the topic. The literature reviewed were those that were produced by the media, the court, and social researches.

Based from media produced-literature reviewed, violence of women is a transformation of the characters that the news stories that the media produce. Violence is a reaction to the social and cultural organization which they are in and they are not by nature culpable or violent but where they suffer so much oppression and degradation they become violent in their desire to free themselves from their plight. The courts have the same regard of women’s violence.

It is a product of discrimination and exasperation from the oppression and exploitation that they suffer from discrimination, degradation and brutality of their husbands or others that must be influential. Social research finds violence of women as a product of abuse and exploitation and presents that women’s offending and women’s liberation are practically the same in character. Methods and Data The authors analyzed narratives of 205 sample women of different races who are imprisoned in Hennepin County Adult Detention Facility (Minneapolis, Minnesota).

They were interviewed to about 2 to 8 hours using calendar life which were installed in the laptop computers. These women were interviewed based on the proximity of their release and the researchers gathered 8 recent violence and also 8 avoided violence with their partners or non-partners. Demographic profile such as race education as well as child factor and history of physical assault were also included in the interview. Findings The research found out that most of the women interviewed were poor, drug dependent, and some were even street prostitute.

They resort to violence because of the humiliation and the disrespect they suffer from their partners or eve non-partners. The study also found out that most violence of women were products of their violent encounters where they need to depend themselves from the cruelty of their jealous or violent partners or non-partners. In other words they resort to violence in response to the humiliation, disrespect, that they suffer and the need for self-help, self-defense, and the need to avenge themselves for being victims of oppression.

Conclusions The author concluded that violence of women resulted from many factors such us their being victims of oppression and bad domestic relationship, desire for money, respect, and reparation of their sufferings. The author also recommended for more intensive research in relation to the study especially on identity formation and the relative roles of culture, gender, and economic status to women who resort to violence.

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