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In the 22nd Century

In the 22nd Century, modernization and developments had been present in the society. Different technological advancements have flourished different ideologies had been theorized. Due to the great amount of mistakes which had been done in the 21st century, many people had been enlightened with the proper view with regards to some concepts. One of the main concepts is murder. In the past many people were against murder. Laws were upheld due to the said immorality of death. Although it is stated in the Bible that death should not be done by anyone, the amount of person living in this world causes great threats.

In the current century, 22nd century, the populations of peoples have highly increased to the point that many threats in the environment, politics; society and health care are only few of the most affected areas of the society that lead to the resolution of mass killings which are done through releasing airborne viruses. In the case of environment, the great amount of population is causing the environment to degrade. In fact, many of the people are using all the environmental resources possible in order to gain power and strength over other communities.

The resources at present are very scarce. Too scarce that even companies are not allowed to get the same percentage of resources they use to produce their products. The consumers are frantic that not all their needs ate met by the companies which formerly produce all their needs and wants. Technological advancements which had been done seemed to be stuck due to less profit growth of companies. Due to this, many people are starving. In terms of politics, the huge amount of population growth has made different countries in the international community to panic.

Although there were ways to mitigate these types of problem, the technological advancements and the ways are not enough to resolve the issue. The political power at present is decentralized depending on the communities not on the territorial boundaries, which was the directives followed in the 21st century. During the post 21st century, many people have migrated in different areas in the world to be with the community they desire. There was a massive shifting of locations. Therefore, political power is also greatly tattered.

In accordance to the shifting of locations, many societies had been changed. Hispanics and Asians now occupy the rest of the Northern American Region while Americans are occupying the Latin American Regions due to the huge amount of resources present in such countries. In addition to this, health cares systems are at this time are not useful for the people. Due to the actions which had been done, health care systems are irrelevant. It has insufficient power to protect the people against the deaths which are believed to be beneficial for all.

In the end, there is a need to lessen the population there are trillions and trillions of people living in this world and the needs could not be met in any way possible. There is a great need to stop the continuous population growth for it’s is the only way to save the earth from being destructed. The 21st century has greatly mistaken the concept of population as one of the greatest factors to make a country progressive. Evidently, the 22nd century is now suffering from the enormous mistake done in the past.

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