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The Civil War and the End of the Twentieth Century

Women, in all cultures, during the early years of civilization were not given high regards. America’s system is one of the pioneers in democracy and equality. However, the concept of equality regardless of gender and color took time to be functional and realistic. During the civil war between the slave-owning south and the anti-slavery north, the country is in so much turmoil. Every day of the war, there are casualties reported thus, there is a great call for action, not just from men but for women as well. Along with ammunitions, battle gears and soldiers, nurses and care workers play a big role.

Because of this, the country realized that women are of great importance since they are the leaders of humanitarian actions. While men are at war, women are on the sides caring for children and the people as a whole. From these scenarios, women made a clear depiction that their role in the society is as great as that of others. Because of this realization, there is a great improvement in the status of women from that period of time until the end of the twentieth century. During that phase of history, women started to make an impression in the society (as well as in the world).

As slavery is demolished, women also seemed to have been freed from long time conventional image of being just homemakers. The time between the civil war and the end of the twentieth century open a very big door for women to make noise and be part of decision making. Women made great contributions during the country’s time of need and while people were undergoing a depressed segment of history. The improvement on the status of women is undeniably noticeable. As a matter of fact, women today benefit much from the legacy of the women who lived during those times.

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