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An elected official

Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. Hillary Rodham Clinton is one such individual who is fortunate to ‘enjoy’ all three phases of her life. She has another dimension, as for the achievements, which is rarest of the rare. She has been able to maintain that greatness for the last over three decades, especially from 1975, the year she married Bill Clinton. What she did, and what she achieved is, no doubt, important. But how she did, what she did is even more important and it will serve as model for people for a long time to come.

She has already earned a permanent place in the political/social history of USA and she is still going strong. The path she chartered…. She graduated from Wellesley College in 1969, she was just 22 years of age, and went to Yale Law School, where she met her would-be husband Bill Clinton. She had visited the portals of the White House, even before she became the First Lady of USA, when Bill Clinton took over as President of USA. She held the post of Staff Attorney for the Children’s Defense Fund.

At the fag end of Richard Nixon’s Watergate Scandal, she was on the staff of Congressional Impeachment Inquiry staff in 1974. She then left Washington for Arkansas and married Clinton in 1975. She continued the law practice, their daughter Chelsea arrived, and she continued as the First Lady of Arkansas for 12 long years, as Governor’s wife. Bill Clinton moved to White House as President, and Hillary became the Fist Lady of USA, and she found herself in the thick of a series of problems and allegations.

She faced the toughest period of her life, and at the end of it, she showed her grit and determination, and proved what it is to be the First Lady of USA. The wise saying goes, “Having gone for the sea bath, do not be afraid of the oncoming waves. If he waves are powerful, duck them. If the waves are friendly, dance with them. When the waves are normal, swim your way further. Howsoever powerful may be the waves, be in the know that their real nature is just water. Your single-pointed aim is to tackle the waves and continue to swim in the ocean.

” The grim situation she faced, and the level of endurance, foresight and magnanimity she showed in her husband’s love-affair with intern Monica Lewinsky, is legendary. She came in all-out support of her husband, during the impeachment hearings. Such was her brave stand; she saved her husband, maintained her essential dignity, and brought glory to the womanhood. It was an unprecedented example in the modern era. Any other woman in her place would have crumbled, sought divorce, and walked out of the marriage. She stood by Clinton, during the worst crisis of their lives.

Hillary indeed challenged her destiny and emerged victorious. She adored the ideals involved in oriental marriages as for the relationship between husband and wife. This concept is worth further elucidation for the good of all concerned, and for the benefit of those who face the marital crisis, for one reason or the other and whose marriage is on the brink. The word ‘Vivaha’( meaning marriage in Sanskrit Language) is beautifully composed. ‘Vaha’ means ‘to flow. ’ ‘Vi’ means ‘harmoniously together. ’ Therefore, the word ‘Vivaha’ means, to flow together harmoniously.

Two distinct individuals, two separate personalities, born, bred and brought in two different set of circumstances, uncommon environments, try to come together from that day onwards, to find a common identity, a common goal and to be precise, a common all. Hillary proved that she is the true follower and interpreter of such high ideals. Her enlightened critics did no spare her hair-style as well. Her involvement in public policies also came in for sharp criticism. The question asked was, she misused her position to influence the policies emerging from the White House.

The critics tried to put her on the mat for the questionable land deal in Arkansas, also known as Whitewater affair. She was re-elected to the Senate for the second term in 2006, such was her popularity. She is such a dynamic personality; she is always miles ahead of her critics. As the first step in a campaign for the Presidency, she announced an “exploratory committee” in January 2007. She is marching ahead on her chartered path: “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. ” How true, this is of Hillary R. Clinton! Her literary accomplishments are a 562 page memoir, Living History, related to her eight years in the White House.

Another book published in 1996, It Takes a Village and Other Lessons Children Teach Us, was also a best-seller. “A First Lady with an independent professional identity, Hillary Rodham Clinton had experience as a corporate lawyer, a tenacious fighter for educational reform, a nationally recognized expert on children’s legal rights, and a director of both corporate and nonprofit boards. ”(Hillary…. ) “Her parents, Hugh and Dorothy Howell Rodham, reared their three children with traditional mid-American values that stressed family, church, school, and social obligations that evolved from the adage that “to whom much is given, much is expected.

” (Hillary….. ) This is the source from which she imbibed tremendous moral courage, and stood by her husband, when he was charged with moral turpitude. She tackled the greatest crisis of her life in the ablest manner. At the cost of repetition, I would again say that she believed and practiced that life is to be lived in its trials, tribulations, and its duty and beauty. Though she was under deep stress, she took the broader perspective of life, for divorce is not only an issue between two individuals, husband and wife, it deeply affects the psyche of children.

, You have the responsibility towards your children, not in the material sense, but socially and spiritually. Divorce destroys the life of children. “Children without fathers, or whose parents float in and out of their lives after divorce, are the most precarious little boats in the most turbulent seas. “(It Takes a Village, p. 40) Hillary, not to take divorce could only be your decision, because only you are capable of taking such a brave decision. Chelsea, your Mama is really great and a benign personality.

For her accomplishments, she also gives credit to the Church Minister, Reverend Don Jones, who introduced Hillary to religious issues and socio-spirituality. She learnt from him the importance of direct social action. She also met the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during his speaking tour to Chicago. Issues related to children, particularly disadvantaged and poor ones are dear to her heart. She is an expert in child law issues. Hillary R. Clinton is what she is due to her spiritual values. They say, “God condemns for life, by giving those a broken heart.

” The Clinton-Monica issue did affect her, but her inner world being so strong, she faced the phase of melancholy with positive thoughts. Through thought control, she achieved mind control and translated her spiritual ideals to positive action, for the benefit of the society. Her spiritual bent of mind is clearly showing in the Commencement Speech/Graduation address at Harvard Medical School June 4, 1998. She said, “The real challenge for all of you, it seems to me, is how in the midst of these truly revolutionary changes you can stay true to the oath you will take today to make, as you say, the health of my patients my first concern. ” (Oratory…. )

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