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The Impulse to the French and Indian War

The Battle of Fort Necessity between France and England marked the beginning of French and Indian war. The French and British colonists immediately after the war of the Austrian succession which was fought between 1740 and 1748 moved closer to arme... read more

Freedom from Reality

Freedom in context with The Lover and The Immoralist is focused on the feeling of dread and anxiety as a necessary precursor to freedom. In context of the stories, freedom functions as a transformative act or an unwilling behavior reinforced by ext... read more

Nature At Work

Nature in context with the novels read, deals with the environment that consciously or unconsciously forms the character’s behavior and their nature as individuals. Distinction is made between a conscious affirmation of the environment which lead... read more

The Importance of Youth

The notion of youth in the four novels discussed the notion of hope as an integral part in the ‘young’ aspect of the novel’s characters. In its literal sense, the characters in the aforementioned novels age from the post-teen period up to the... read more

French Revolution

To a great extent, Louis XVI contributed greatly to the French Revolution due to mismanagement. That is, he did not lead his nation in an effective way. There are numerous reasons to support this. One of the most obvious would be the fiscal crisis ... read more

Grudges and Forgiveness

Holding grudges is never recommended and is not advisable for people to do. It is always better to have good relationships with everyone because there would be no frictions that would create problems. However, there are instances when conflicts wou... read more

Growing Old in America

In many parts of the world, life is seen as an ongoing journey composed of stages that each existing individual will face eventually. The stage of growing old in the American land has changed greatly as compared to years ago due to both demographic... read more

Exporting Tunes and Fries: American Pop Culture Overseas

As the old saying goes, you are what you eat. This could actually be expanded to state you are what you consumer. In our global consumer society, many of us find our identities transformed thanks to the many items we consumer. In American society, ... read more

Growth and development (6 to 12 years)

Child growth and development is a very unique and complex aspect in the parenting period. Children may develop in a predictable sequence through the years from birth to adolescence but they may experience or go through these steps in different ways... read more

Points supporting

List 5 points supporting the logic of growth argument and 5 points in favor of the limits to growth arguments. Which argument is more convincing and why? The growth of the world’s population and the congruent increase of the needs and demands has... read more

Guerrilla warfare

Guerrilla warfare has survived more than three decades and is still popular tactic in war. What is the secret behind Guerrilla Warfare? The purpose of this research is to identify the salient feature behind this war strategy and why it is still bei... read more

The Ghosts of Guantanimo Bay

The movie Rendition (October 2007) is set almost in real time, focusing on the issues of torture and imprisonment with out trial that have made Camp X-ray and Guantanimo Bay synonymous with evil around the world. The Obama Administration shall have... read more

‘Guerrillas’ by V.S Naipaul

The characters of a person can be judged by the way an individual acts and treats other people in his/her life. Different people view life from different perspectives, and it is this attitude of looking towards life that influences a person’s thi... read more

Global System for Mobile Communication

WHAT IS GSM : Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) is a popular method used in the whole word for voice and data communication. GSM became popular over other existing wireless s widely adopted in a short span of time because of its superior... read more

Gryphon and Teaching Methods in the 1950’s

Charles Baxter’s story, Gryphon, is not so much as an introduction of a rather unconventional character in the guise of a teacher as it is a critique of the formal education in America during the 1950’s. The methods of Miss Ferenczi, the substi... read more

Portrait of a Lady

This paper is focusing on comparing and contrasting the elements of line, color and composition of two artworks: Portrait of a Lady. Rogier van der Weyden, c. 1455, and Zambezia, Zambezia, Wifredo Lam, 1950. Both artworks are different in either el... read more

A Case Study of a Grown-Up Dyslexic

Browsing some old library books at a local library several years ago as a college sophomore, I came across one book that talks about helping people “straighten their talk. ” The author, who I realise now is a counsellor, stresses the need of so... read more

Guidance program

A guidance program is a necessity in the daily undertakings of secondary as well as elementary schools. This particular program comprises of an organization structure of activities undertaken in individual schools, a philosophy which is accompanied... read more

Are Biofuels Good or Bad?

Most of the world’s industries are run by fuel. One of the popular sources of fuel is the fossil fuels which is a form of non-renewable energy. Fossil fuels are carbon-based fuels formed from the plants and animals that lived over 300 million yea... read more

Elders of the Church

The facts revolve around the person of Marian Guinn, who was a member of the Church of Christ, which was a Mormon Church, in Collinsville, Ok. Marian Guinn submitted her resignation from the Church of Christ following a move to have her excommunica... read more

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero Jimi Hendrix exploded into the modern world of music in the 1960s and electrified it with his wild playing. In his short career, he became a legend. There was nobody like Hendrix who could burn the house down. During the first Monterey ... read more

Engagement and measurement

As the name goes, this is undoubtedly the smartest advertising blog that addresses public relations and a good job at communicative journalism. The choice of colors and font used is visually appealing. The purpose / objective as detailed in the “... read more

Guinot in Pakistan

Guinot is a French cosmetics manufacturer private company. It has specialized in the production and development of skin and beauty care products. Guinot’s major focus is to beautify women. It also offers a variety of products for men. Marketing s... read more

Guitar Hero

Jimi Hendrix exploded into the modern world of music in the 1960s and electrified it with his wild playing. In his short career, he became a legend. There was nobody like Hendrix who could burn the house down. During the first Monterey Pop Festival... read more

Of Mice And Men

"Solitude is the profoundest fact of the human condition. Man is the only being who knows he is alone."

-Octavio Paz, The Labyrinth of Solitude, 1950

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