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Engagement and measurement

As the name goes, this is undoubtedly the smartest advertising blog that addresses public relations and a good job at communicative journalism. The choice of colors and font used is visually appealing. The purpose / objective as detailed in the “ABOUT” section is very informative, well explained features in a simplistic tone, and I was particularly impressed with their knowledge sharing strategy of how they custom plan their programs for clients- what they term as ‘Digital Influence Strategy’ which comprises of four fundamental parts i. e. , listening, planning, engagement and measurement.

Not to forget- the displayed pictures speak volumes about the photographic skills employed on the blog. They are very sharp and and some of them are a real treat to have them in a picture album. What I did not like about the content was that since it is an advertising blog- there is no real need for advertisement banners to be displayed, otherwise it is spoiling the fun.

The information presented is quite valuable, as views and comments invited from readers / bloggers contribute to a critical insight into advertising as a subject and as a profession, there are case studies which I particularly happened to like in the ‘PORTFOLIO’ section. With a whole lot of enriching and educative features, it is a readers delight and i can certainly recommend this bog to students of advertising and mass communications and professionals in the advertising and media related professions. There are several experienced authors on the blog who are a treat to interact with.

Ogilvy as a human being is and advertising visionary who set trends ahead of his time. And the culture lives on. This is definitely my favorite advertising blog. b. http://adweek. blogs. com/adfreak/ This blog has a lot of simplicity in its visual appeal. The blogsite is devoid of any visual clutter. One doesn’t have to spend too much time searching the entire blog. Information content is neat and in a definite order. The font used does make you want to read ahead. There are advertising clips to view the description and comments.

What the reader might not like about the blog site is that- there is hardly any information on Tim Nudd (editor). All we can get to see is Tim Nudd giving his analysis on advertisements. One cannot get to view Tim Nudd’s professional background and achievements which is also an important credible selling feature. The information is valuable in terms of learning how to interpret advertisements and the various themes. Another nagging thought is that as a reader scrolls down, there is empty blank space to the right which could have been well utilized with some meaningful content or pictures.

The blog is valuable for students of advertising and anyone with a general interest in the subject of advertising. Can also be useful to marketers. The author is Tim Nudd as has been explained above who could have improvised on the blog site. The USP of this site is ‘simplicity’. The author is definitely knowledgeable, but there is no information about his achievements as a practicing professional or as a subject matter expert. This site is worth recommending to friends and students as the advertisement clips are quiet engrossing and appealing.

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