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Guinot in Pakistan

Guinot is a French cosmetics manufacturer private company. It has specialized in the production and development of skin and beauty care products. Guinot’s major focus is to beautify women. It also offers a variety of products for men. Marketing strategies Product Guinot offers products including skincare, makeup and fragrance products. Major product categories of Guinot’s products are body care, cleansers, day care, eye care, night care and homme variety. Apart from this there are products, especially to cater to needs of men.

A wide range of products are offered by Guinot under these categories, with different variants and of varying prices. Promotion In Pakistan, cosmetic manufactures generally do not advertise through television or billboards. Adoption of appropriate promotional strategies to create brand image is essential. Trials and samples can be offered at the point of sales. Promotion should create awareness among the masses and create a competitive edge for the products. Below the line marketing campaigns like hair washing facilities have been used by Guinot’s competitors like Proctor and Gamble.

Mainly Guinot products are purchased online in Pakistan, therefore they can further use promotional tecniques like discount offers or coupons, online advertisements, celebrity endorsements and free makup consultancy. Place Guinots cosmetics are readily and in huge variety are available online. They can be made readily available at exclusive shopping malls and super markets at accessible locations. There is an increasing trend of online purchases, thus, serving as a boosting factor for Guiton.

Though, some customers are very particular about their purchases and would buy makeup and fragranced products, after a trial. Products can also be made available at exclusive beauty salons. The products are supplied through a global network of licensed distributors. Price Prices of cosmetics vary from brand to brand. Due to established brand image and quality promise, international brands can charge high prices. Price of competitors and Pakistani customers targeted sholud be kept in mind. However, people do spend on beauty care products, and pay prices based on the functionality and need of the product.

Guinot prices are slightly higher than the masses. Consumers do not mind paying premium price as lond as they are getting what they prefer. SWOT analysis Strentghs ? Imported products: Since Guinot is an imported brand, it ensures excellent quality and hence, is able to attract customers. ? Variety: There are a variety of cosmetic products offered by Guinot, which can be bought by customers as per their beauty and skin needs. ? Budget: Being a well established comapany, Guinot does not face budget constraints, and can easily cater and reach its target audience.

Rich Experience: Guinot has experience of operating in the cosmetic industry since a number of years, thus proving to be beneficial for marketing and establishing a consumer base. ? High Reputation and Professional Image: Targeting products to a higher income group, Guinot has renowned reputation and even has beauty institutions around the world, thus, providing a professional image. ? Guaranteed product qualification: Cosmetics must offer premium quality, which Guinot can easily meet, through brand image and appropriate positioning.

High brand recognition: Catering cosmetics around the globe, Guinot can establish high brand recognition, being an international brand. Weaknesses ? Risk: There is a risk associated with attracting customers, as brand loyalty is involved for beauty and skin care products to a great extent. ? High prices: This can pose problems, as population of Pakistan comprises of people from varying income groups. But people in lower oncome group form majority of the poulation. Perception of consumers regarding price, thus has to be effectively managed.

Diversification: Though Guinot offers a large variety of products, needs of Pakistani market are quite different from other markets, thus, diversification has to be done according to the requirements of the respective market. ? Reluctance to change: For beauty care and cosmetic products, there is reluctance from the side of customers to switch, especially if they are completely satisfied with the product they are using. Opportunities ? Growing market: The market for cosmetics is expanding, with changing consumer behaviour, as in Pakistan there is an incresing trend where women and men focus on beautifying them.

Attraction of new customers and markets: New customers can be attracted by provision of unique offers and trial samples. Pakistan comprises of various regions, thus different markets can be catered. ? Growth of internet: With advancement in technology, there is a rise in the number of customers, who can purchase, Guinot products online. ? Emerging teen market: During this era, not only adults comprise of the target population but, teenagers are even included. With passage of time, teens do have their own decision making and purchasing power.

Growing awareness: There is increased awareness among the people to care for their skin and to look good. Thus, aligning with Guinot’s focus on beautification. Threats ? Competition: Guinot will have number of competitors in Pakistan. Major competitors in Pakistan providing skin and beauty products are Procter and Gamble, Unilever, Etude, Revlon, Rimmel and Maybelline. ? Failure: There are chances of failure, as brand loyalty and image plays an important role. ? Literacy rate: In Pakistan, a large percentage of people are illetrate, thus, they can not be targeted, reducing target population for Guinot’s products.

? Cost management: Due to rising inflation rates and import duties, cost management can be quite difficult. ? Affordable products: In Pakistan, there are similar products available at affordable prices not only from local manufacturers but also from countries like China, Thailand, Malaysia. So people might just buy these items, if they feel that something different is not being offered to them. ? Unstable demand: demand for the products might just fluctuate with change in income levels and rising interest rates.

Provided that Guinot’s products are luxurious and not a necessity for majority of the people in Pakistan. Guinot can perform better and increase its sales in Pakistan, by effectively managing its marketing mix and considering its internal strengths, weaknesses and external opportunities and threats. There are other competitors in the market catering to the needs of Pakistani consumers. There is potential for Guinot products in Pakistan, this can further be enhanced by having its products easily available and displayed at outlets in Pakistan.

Guinot definitely offers a unique and a wide range of products. The major players and manufacturers in the cosmetics, skin and beauty care industry expect demand for such products to grow strongly in future. Although Pakistan is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, consumer demand is not at its peak. However, it is predicted that there is significant potential in the Pakistani market. With the increasing per capita income and growing awareness of the different products available in the country, sales are is expected to increase, in this industry.

The needs of the consumers in Pakistan are and ever-changing and their expectations are rising day by day. So it is necessary for companies like Guinot to meet the fast-changing societal and fashion trends. It must pay attention to increased speed to market due to immense competition. However it should be borne in mind that in Pakistan there are consumers from varying demographics, culture, educational level, technology. Therefore, products should be targeted by segmenting the population. This will make Guinot build upon its brand in emerging economies and countries like Pakistan.

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