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Points supporting

List 5 points supporting the logic of growth argument and 5 points in favor of the limits to growth arguments. Which argument is more convincing and why? The growth of the world’s population and the congruent increase of the needs and demands has pushed the world social, economic and environmental analysts into two houses: those who see the logic of growth and those who advocate the implementation strategies guided by the ideas of the limits to growth.

Basically, research has shows that if the world’s population continues to consume in the rate that it is today, then all of the earth’s resources will run out in the next hundred years or so. This is the reason why many of the developmental scientists has come up with the idea of sustainable development in the last two decades. Many international organizations, including the United Nations is even schooling developing countries with managing their growth based on the tenets of a sustainable development.

According to a paper written by Edward Pestel on the Limits to growth, the ultimate objective is to achiever a global “state of equilibrium” wherein individual needs are met and equal opportunities are made available through sustainable means. However, there are those who view sustainable development as an oxymoron, something that is inherently contradictory since resources are finite and there in no going around that. Therefore, those from the school of the logic of growth, aim instead to harness and maximize the optimum potential of both individuals and the environment or the natural resources.

Basically, under the limits of growth theory, the goal is to change current trends in production and consumption in the interest of attaining ecological and economic stability: the so-called, state of global equilibrium. Actually, although the premises for both ideas are different, they are not at all contradictory. The limits of growth model aims to come up with sustainable management of limited resources while the logic of growth encourages optimum development and usage of individual potential and finite resource.

This writer however, leans towards the first idea. The ‘limits of growth theory’ considers how ecological, social and economic systems in the world are closely interwoven and such have direct cause and effect relationships. Therefore, it is vital to implement the management means that give prime consideration to future projections and outcome of this linked relationship. 2. Pro-cons of Maids day off: write the pros and cons. (remember that the maid will have supervised activities and training). In the end which do you favor and why?

The idea behind household help is that vital domestic service in the house cannot be fulfilled by the family only. Therefore, the help is expected to be constantly available to assist and perform daily activities around the house, from the cleaning chores to the cooking, to the management of household activities and even, organizing parties and gatherings the family might have. For households that require sophisticated assistance from their help, training is also involved. Apart from that, maids also require supervision which means they must always be available for overseeing.

However, there is also the usual set-up of allowing them to go on a day-off (usually on the weekends) for their personal time. Whether or not this will be considered as “paid” time is subject to the arrangement between employer and employee. Now the question is whether or not this particular practice will serve to be beneficial to both the employer and the maids themselves. On the one hand, some might argue that it is the responsibility of the employer to make sure that the household help are able to take time off during the week for whatever personal things they might need to do outside of their work.

On the other hand, the point of getting help is to ensure that the house is never without people to look after it and that all necessary daily chores and activities are done everyday. To allow one’s help a day off means that the employers themselves will have to manage the household for a day. Given both these perspectives, this writer thinks that at the end of the day, it still makes more sense to allow one’s help time off for themselves.

One must be after the long-term benefits of having well-adjusted employees who are able to take healthy breathers from their work. Any employee, whether they be household help or those hold regular five-days-a-week jobs, need time for personal activities and space to sort out other responsibilities they might have apart from their work. List of references: Meadows, D. The Limits to Growth first edition cover. US: Universe Books Publication, 1972 Expert village. Maid Career Information. www. expertvillage. com. US: Demand Media, 2009.

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