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State licensing requirements

State licensing requirements should ensure that practitioners demonstrate knowledge of scientific and professional issues regarding use of computer-based products involving test interpretation and clinical decision making. Current requirements for ... read more

New decision-making

Information technologies have been changing rapidly and thus creating opportunities for new decision-making technologies to emerge. The challenging for decision makers is to decide to what extent these IT should be incorporated into the process of ... read more

SAP-integrated enterprise system

The decision to implement an SAP-integrated enterprise system was in large part due to the anticipated benefits derived from such functionality. As expected, a number of benefits were derived from this implementation, including providing integrated... read more

Drug development activities

In what follows, we will demonstrate that in services, even more than in industries, the two parts concerned with systematic management are necessary for a successful application of the two parts concerned with scientific management. The reason for... read more

Amelioration and formalization

Now we can return to systematic and scientific management. Systematic management by the amelioration and formalization of the flows of information in the organization succeeds in increasing the accountability of decision makers toward each other an... read more

Child count report

Despite the many reported benefits of using AT with young children, annual state child count reports identify a surprisingly small and consistently stable percentage of infants and toddlers who have AT listed on their Individualized Family Service ... read more

Special Section

Articles in this Special Section have important implications for researchers wishing to contribute to scientific bases for decision making. As noted, existing statistical decision rules are often sufficiently compromised by their basis on non optim... read more

Implementing CBTI results

Scholars noted that effective use of CBTIs requires special expertise in integrating computer-based descriptors or predictions with ancillary information acquired by direct observation, clinical interview, or additional psychological measures from ... read more

Critical success factors

New console hardware systems are likely to contribute to the growth in future. In addition technology as MMORPGs will exploit the creativity of the user as gamers can develop, manipulate and create characters using creative tools to strengthen the ... read more

Specification, method, and data

In equations 4 to 6 above, the gross national income (GNI) measured at purchasing-power-parity means the whole value (income) of productive activities – goods and service no matter in this country and foreign country when considering price differ... read more

Computerized adaptive testing

A recent study examining computerized adaptive testing with the MMPI-2 in a sample of 140 Veterans Affairs hospital patients revealed substantial savings in items administered and duration of administration, with minimal impact on test validity. Ho... read more

Competence set versus IT

Generally speaking, IT will speed up the expansion of competence set. This is because IT can bring more information, shorten the time to acquire knowledge or skills, and effectively integrate and use resources. For instance, enterprise resource pla... read more

High income

Based on this notion, I group the selected countries into four categories – high income (H), upper-middle income (UM), lower-middle income (LM) and low income (L) according to the income standard of World Bank in 2005. The World Bank defines that... read more

Challenging Problems versus IT

So far, cheap computing, communications devices, networks and e-mail have simply accelerated decisions about the routine works. There still are some challenging problems, which cannot be solved by current advances in IT. This is because the needed ... read more

My husband and children

An appalling report of a 23-year-old woman raped in 2003 “That night, they were an attack on our village. Five armed men entered our house. I was there with my husband and children my husband hides in the house, They asked after him and my 12 yea... read more

Competence Set and Decision Categories

There are optimist and pessimist views in the impacts of IT. The optimist view asserts that IT can increase the productivity of all concerned. Create at least as many new jobs as it destroys. Increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency. En... read more

Historical context

The significance of the historical context, the violence of recent years is not a historical anomaly. Instead, violence, the implicit threat of violence, and the manipulation of identity groups and political formations that make mass violence possi... read more

Data sensors

One more feature that can be added to the system is making an option of updating the system about the accidents that might occur in any street with the help of police stations. An automatic weight and travel time cost could also be calculated in or... read more

System evaluation

This scenario assumes that there is only one lane in the previous re-routed path and this street has two speed bumps thus it is expected that the speed of vehicles are reduced along this street. A weight of 1. 1 was given to this street. An alterna... read more

Software used

Network Analyst extension was used in conjunction with the ArcView 3. 2 desktop GIS package to carry the analysis for this system. Network Analyst has the ability to calculate the best route (quickest) to get from one location to another on road ne... read more

It's Impacts on Decision Environments

Decision environments may be described by four features, (i) decisions as part of our behavior mechanism, (ii) stages in the decision processes, (iii) players involved in the decision making process, and (iv) the unknown and uncertainty involved in... read more

Buying a House

That is HDt = (PDt. ADt. Apt. RDt). In general, the actual domain is only a small portion of the reachable domain. in turn, the reachable domain is only a small portion of potential domain, and only a small portion of the actual domain is observabl... read more

Behavior mechanism

Undoubtedly, human behaviors are dynamic, evolving, interactive, and an adaptive process. These complex processes have a common denominator resulting from a common mechanism. Human behavior mechanism has been summarized into eight basic hypotheses ... read more

Computer Based Test Interpretation

As noted by, computerized assessment methods have proliferated since their initial development nearly 40 years ago. Listed 72 separate suppliers of over 300 computer-based assessment products, nearly half of which were designed to assist personalit... read more

Possible manner

In 1975, Christopher Bond, a British playwright, dramatically changed the import of the character, Sweeney. It is difficult for Bond to condemn Sweeney outright. Any one, facing such grim experiences, would become cynical. He has well-defined motiv... read more

God condemns

In the 1970s Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler made the ‘dramatic’ experiment. They dared to stray from the safe path to the success of the play and wrote a musical about a “demon barber” and his pie-making partner in business. This play to... read more

Customer Inserts Grade Course

One of the best examples to explain the concept of swarm intelligence is of the ants and the bees that are least intelligent but still they work together efficiently without any supervision. They are not just able to find ways to solve their proble... read more

Information Systems

We are living in a knowledge economy. This means that in future, the competitive edge would be enjoyed by those organizations that are better able to manage their knowledge assets. However, managing a knowledge asset is not just a concept, rather i... read more

Defying Stereotypes of Women Journalists

Suzanne Britt Jordan is a living example of a good and efficient woman writer, refuting editor-author Enoch Arnold Bennett’s claims in his book ‘Journalism for Women: A Practical Guide’ that women are generally unfit for journalism due to the... read more

Policies code

Accordingly formal, written policies and procedures have been adopted in the simplest possible way consistent with legal requirements, including a code of Ethics applicable to company’s principal executive officer, financial officers and principa... read more