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Important women in their lives

Many will agree with me that their mothers remain the greatest figures and also the most important women in their lives. Mothers occupy a revered position in the society and are likened to nature due to the intensity of their kindness and generosity. A look at my life too reveals that I hold my mother in the same reverence and certainly believe that I owe each and every breath of my life to her. She has played a magnanimous role molding and shaping who it is that I am today. She has influenced my aspirations and my dreams.

As the saying goes, we never really discover the true value of something until it slips off our fingers. Most people do not discover the intensity of their parents’ love and the importance or of those that are close to them until they are gone. This is when the impact of such a loss hits them and they harp endlessly about how precious and great their departed mother or father was (East, 2005). To me, it will not take a catastrophe to open my eyes and discover the greatness of my mother.

I have always known the enormity of my mothers love and have appreciated her caring efforts since I was small boy in the first grade. Standing five feet and five inches, always smart and elegantly dressed, with horn-rimmed glasses that make her look like a professor, my mother is what we can describe as a modern woman who likes to take care of her family, sacrificing immensely to ensure they get the best. Her beauty has remained unsurpassed by many of her age in the neighborhood and most people knowingly claim that is where I got my looks.

I come from a family of three and I am the eldest, born to parents that have spared no effort to ensure I get through rocky path of life unscathed. My father is a dentist while my mother is a community nurse. I come from an averagely endowed family, though not having plenty; I can proclaim that I have been well taken care of in terms of the basic needs. My parents can be described as loving; they have showered me with all the love in this world but with a tinge of caution so as not to spoil me. They have not spared the rod either and many are the times I have faced their wrath for being on the wrong side of their rules.

My father has played an important role in raising me but due to his unequivocal commitment to his hard work, it is the influence of my mother that has been able to astoundingly shape my life and inadvertently, my destiny. Many people confess to have a fear-love relationship with their fathers. They describe their fathers as loving and yet as no nonsense figures that command undying respect. While I may not describe my mother in the same words, I can say she has been able to combine strictness and a sense of affection at the same time.

She will be all happy and full of hugs, congratulating me for emerging the top of my mathematics class but will rebuke me in the in the next minute for failing to tack in my shirt or failing to tie my show laces. That is the sort of a person my mother is and I can proudly proclaim that it is this strictness, love and constant encouragement that has shaped my upbringing and my view of life. One of the most important lessons that my mother has taught me is to learn to confront the challenges that I face in life head front.

She has taught me the essence of remaining positive and working towards overcoming the temporary hurdles on the way. This lesson itself was not taught to me through a silver platter but rather it was through the strictness that best defines my mother. The instilling of this value in me can be traced to the various incidences that characterized, my childhood. One such incident was back in the fourth grade. I loved going to school for it accorded me the rare chance of playing all manner of games with my friends. Towards the start of my fourth grade though, school was proving to be a rather an unwelcome fete for me.

Having a keen eye like all mothers do, my mother was quick to notice that that something was terribly amiss due to the sudden disinterest in school. She was quick to note that I would jump to the slightest opportunity not to attend school, giving all manner of excuses. She also noticed something else. Most of my clothes by the time I got home had some missing buttons; some were torn and others badly crumpled. Though she kept on pressurizing me to reveal the reasons behind this I was adamant. I did not want to reveal that a new boy in our class and our neighborhood had been bullying me.

I now know that it was all stupid and that was the right thing. Although he was no match to the size of my mother, I always shuddered at the thoughts of what would happen to me should he ever discover that I had informed my parents. It took a lot of efforts to blurt this out but this was only after she threatened to storm to my class and find out what had been happening. That would have been embarrassing. I was amazed that my mother was not perplexed by this and after I described the boy she were amazed to discover that her mother was indeed her workmate.

She had to literally drag me to my tormentor’s house and as stupid as this may sound I still believed that the boy would pull my nose like he always did in school. My fears were understandable. In the end though, we got to his house and what happened there after has shaped my view about the hurdles we face in life, they are nothing but minor problems and will always crumble should we approach them tactfully. The boy upon seeing me and my mother cowered to his bedroom and I could only tell what was to befall him with the look in her mothers face.

My mother had in one stroke made a great point, like she had always reminded me; challenges should not scare me. My mother has indeed taught me a lot about this life, she has corrected me when I get wrong and she has encouraged me whenever I seem to falter in my steps and also in my studies. It is for these reasons that she remains the most important figure in my life. The optimism and confidence that I exude today comes has been instilled by my mother. Reference East L. H. (2005). Wood, Ellen Wood, Elisabeth Jay. Oxford University Press,

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