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Modern Physics

“A freely falling frame in a gravity field is equivalent to an inertial frame with the absence of gravity. Also, a static frame in a gravity field is equivalent to an accelerating frame with the absence of gravity” (Principles of General Relativity 2009). Einstein suggested in his General Theory of Relativity that light pulse move in a straight line relative to a freely falling frame, but relative to a static frame, it is bent downwards. Observations of star light confirm that light is also affected by gravity.

“The bending of light by gravity has been shown by observations made during a total solar eclipse. At a total solar eclipse stars can be seen very close to the limb of the Sun. Measurements done on stars that appeared around the Sun during the eclipse showed that the distance between the stars looked greater then usual. The reason for this was that the light coming from the stars was bent by the gravity of the Sun. ” (2009) The Duane-Hunt Rule An X-ray tube produces a rather continuous spectrum of wavelengths.

A great fraction of its energy is produced as heat. The voltage applied determines the maximum speed of electrons which hit the target and, the maximum energy of X-ray achievable. Conservation of energy requires that the electron kinetic energy should equal the maximum photon energy, with the work function considered as negligible. This would then yield the Duane-Hunt limit.


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