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Modern technology in our today life

The word technology originated or was derived from the Greek word, Technologia that strictly meant the use of tools and materials for human assistance in adapting to his environment. Technology is therefore a concept that deals with the usage of tools and crafts in broader themes that consists of systems, machines and software and hardware that are applied to different works. Modern technology refers to the introduction of various tools that make work simpler for man compared to the old system of performing that specific duty.

Example the use of vehicle in traveling and in ferrying goods from one place to another compared to former way of using human backs and animals in performing that specific duty. Modern technology has been of great importance as it has contributed to the advancement of different areas of human life. In education and in organizations, the use of computers has been the core in performing different duties. Example through the use of internet which is supported by computers, people are able to access education form a central point whilst they are in different geographical areas and in different environment.

As far as the discussion of the modern technology is concerned, the use of computers I different areas is effective, though there are social cultural resistances that were put forward to restrict these, there are more advantages in the use of the modern technology than disadvantages in changing the life of modern society. Effects of technology in our modern life ICT has become a fundamental and an integral part of our life. ICT has changed the way we communicate with one another and the way we receive and analyze information.

While we can trace the development of computer in the early years of the 20th century, it was not until the wee years of the century that the importance of the technology impacted on our life. With the changing economic landscape in the world, 1970s, 80s and 90s saw increased adoption of modern technology in different aspect of our life. These new development enabled the continued evolution of the computer technology which has formed a solid based for development of other technologies.

However it was the discovery of the internet in the early years of 1990s that completely changed communication and information handling landscape. ICT has changed our life in different ways both positively and negatively. ICT tools including email, World Wide Web, cell phones and the emerging wireless technologies have all changed the way we communicate and perform most of our duties. If we look at individual technologies, cell phone which has been enabled by the development of GSM and satellite technologies has changed the way we communicate with one another.

Using the cell phone, one can communicate with another person at any time from any where in the world so long as there are inter-network connections. However the development of cell phone technology has rendered the fixed line communication infrastructure obsolete draining billions of investment into waste. However instant communication has not only changed the way we communicate but also the way we relate with one another. Cell phone has also enabled money transfer services and e-banking services among others. The internet was discovered in the early years of the 1990s.

Since then, it has been used in sending and receiving of data and in communication. According to Warwick (2004) the evolution of internet technology and service supported by the World Wide Web like email has rendered letters and other paper work obsolete. Through email technology, we can communicate with one another in instant chatting or through sending messages. Email technology has also increased social interaction among people. The development of blogs and other social utility tools life the face book has enabled virtual social interaction of people from different parts of the world.

It is now being said that if you want to experience other people way of life, you just has to go to the internet and get what you want there. This has also enabled people to give their views on different subjects. World Wide Web has also supported the growth of e-commerce. Thanks to this technology, one can now do all the purchases and the click of computer mouse right in their homes. The internet has become a convergence tool for buyers and sellers. Mihail and Sims (2004) assert that the internet technology has enabled the creation of company website from where companies list their inventory.

On the other end, consumers can go browsing from one website to the other in search of what they want. This means that they can do all their shopping from home, pay their bill using credit cards, and wait to receive their purchases at home. The development to ICT has also given rise of the concept of wireless and mobility. This has enabled us to continue performing our duties while we are away from our work station. Your can be working in a different place but still you are performing your usual duties.

While this has been seen as a way to improving our productivity, it is detrimental to social relations since it reduces our relationship with other people. Modern Communication technology in organizations In the last two decades, organizations had to deal with the changing pattern of communication in their operation environment. The changing pattern of work characterized by specialization, outsourcing , just in time production and distribution process, and many others have necessitated the adoption of the modern technology that match communication process with these changes.

The networking models adopted in the operation of the organization have necessitated a more efficient and reliable communication process. (Moore, 1996) Information and communication technology (ICT) has emerged as one of the modern technologies influencing the patterns of communication in organizations. ICT has revolutionized the patterns of communication in the world. For most organization, ICT has been a source of competitive advantage in the market. Efficient communication in organization is important for efficient performance and therefore many organizations have opted to invest heavily in communication technology.

Computer mediated and Internet technology The invention of the internet in1990s ushered in new pattern of communication not only in the world but also in organizations. The internet provided a medium of sharing information and more so organizational data which was difficult to transmit before. Since then, the internet technology and the World Wide Web have supported the different communication channels and business processes. Top among these communication channels has been the email and the organization web site which has also been used of e-commerce.

(Bailey and Bakos, 1997) A recent study revealed that office workers exchange more than 25. 2 billion messages on daily bases. Email has become an important channel of communication between different office workers in sharing of information and data. Internet technology has enabled the development of LAN and WAN which are used to support communication between different individuals in the organization. LAN constitutes a local area network which supports communication process between members of the organization only.

The internet has also supported organization education and conferencing process. (Bailey and Bakos, 1997) Computer technology also includes the Electronic Data Interchange which assists organization to transmit data from one source to the other. In this case electronic data interchange technology allows organizations to send and receive data with more accuracy and reducing the overall time in the communication process. Effects of modern technology in education The best way to improve education is through using the available materials that will effect the learning and teaching.

There are different ways, methods and materials that are used in modern education that were not used in the former days. In most cases, in most of the lectures that are offered in the modern schools, projectors are used to effect the understanding of the students and in saving time for the teacher in making notes. The notes are typed on a computer and then connected to the projector that will avail the notes to the learners. The most perfect method of improving the education standards is through using the most advanced method that has every necessary toll that will enhance understanding.

The computers and the internet are the most effective in education offering as any information can be de3livered to the students in the most effective way and would give them an opportunity to explore the new and the most advanced method of learning. Through these concerns, the educators have already discovered that the use of computers in our modern learning will facilitate a deeper understanding to the students as there is effectiveness in information delivering to the intended group.

Educators and learners around the world at every level are experiencing change in the technology in the education sector. They are all trying to adapt the education systems of the twenty-first century. When compared to the twentieth century, the twenty-first century education system is far much advanced that needs advanced minds to cope with the current standards of technology. With the evolvement in the education sector, internet and other forms of technology have brought a great advancement to the current generation.

Former educators though then advancement in the technology in the education sector was to affect the understanding of learners, in the real sense, the current generation have access to more information and in the easiest way than any other generation that ever existed. It has been found that technology is not changing education but is only changing the methods of learning and how people think. This is evident because not every one attends classes to access education; some are able to learn online from different countries. Technology has made things easier and education more interesting with deeper understanding.

As we are evolving, that’s the same way the education system is changing and the same way people think. With the learners accessing the information in a much different way, they will demand a different mode of learning. The current generation learners are growing through the lens of the technology, this is through the advanced mode of communicating tools and the internet and this is posing a challenge on the former method of education. This is because most educators and learners will divert from the traditional method of education as they will see it as not serving them effectively.

(Bransford, 1986) The experience of social change This topic will definitely experience more social change than any other topic. As most of the people are trying to move with the technology, they will find a way to access more information than they were accessing before the technology takes it current shape. The government is in support of use of technology and is providing the basic principles on the use of technology to enable the community socialize and access in the information that would be hard to access through other means.

The current education method through the use of technology has provided deeper understanding for the students and educators for they can access any needed information in the internet. This has enhanced social interaction by different cultures for one would access the information through the internet. Through the use of technology, the learner is able to access the education from different country or geographical location without the need of traveling.

This has encouraged the use of internet by learners and the educators. (Casey, 1997) Conflict best explains this change in technology Conflict is the best social change that best explains the theory of this change and why it’s continually occurring. With some people being for and others against the use of technology, the conflict arises because there is no scientific proof as to whether the use of this technology will improve the learners thinking or its going to reduce the thinking capability of the learners.

Conflict being the disagreement or variation of interest between the two groups, the use of technology has been seen as the reason of most of the problems associated with the low performance in the education system, as most of the students who use modern equipments in learning, will have more achievements hen introduced to the new technology. Conflict is the best way to look for the best solution for this problem for the conflicting parties will put more efforts in looking for solution and in return they will be able to bring the best solution and the reason for the change.

This is because the conflicting parties will work on proofing their researches and the effectiveness of the information they provide. (Cradler, 1996) Conclusion The modern world is driven by technology. Almost all the sectors of life have been affected by the emerging technology in one way of another. The evolution of ICT has dictated the way we relate and communicate with one another. The use technology in the education has promoted the advancement of learning methods. The information technology is the major role player in the technological advancement in the education system.

Internet is most effective for the distance learning and in making researches easy for there are adequate information and materials available in the internet. The government involvement in the regulatory of the technological issues in the education system will enhance the social harmony in the society. The government should work on setting policies that will protect the interest and welfare of the general public.

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