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Instructional Technology Program

I am Sultanah Abdulaziz M. Abdulmajed, a Saudi national. I would like to express my sincere intent to qualify for the Masters in Instructional Technology Program of the California State University. I have chosen CSU because I believe that it will be able to equip me with the necessary competencies to contribute to a grave educational need in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Currently, technology instruction is a major thrust which our country advocates very strongly, and I would like to join in this mission.

In essence, I envision Saudi Arabia to be among the countries with the most advanced teaching methodologies, and a core part of this vision is technology. It is a critical component in raising the level of education in the Kingdom. I believe that I will be able to contribute substantially to this through California State University’s Masters in Instructional Technology program. I believe that the program matches my current skill sets, as I do have a strong passion for learning technology but have not had extensive experience in technology-enabled teaching.

Moreover, the description of the program suggests that it is challenging yet at the same time realistic and achievable; characteristics which appealed to me. I am resolute in my intent to finish my Masters Degree from CSU, and I humbly point to my academic track record thus far, which may lend credence to such intent. I am a scholar of the Ministry of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia and I would like to believe that sheer dedication and hard work allowed me to secure this.

I graduated from Taif University with a Bachelors’ degree in English and a minor in Education in 2009, with a GPA of 3. 32 out of 4. 00. This is substantively interpreted as Very Good, with second honors. I have several certifications: Level 1 G10 in 2004; Level 2 G6 in 2005; and Level 4 in 2007, all from reputable English teaching institutions. I also have a certificate from the Colorado School of English in Denver, which they awarded to me in 2010. I am able to collaborate both as a team member, and team leader.

I had the chance to be a team leader in a Linguistic course, which allowed me to plan and organize the team to achieving the task at hand. My personal interests include like swimming, travelling and jogging. I am inclined to jobs that will allow me to meet people and to experience other cultures. I have a strong relationship orientation, and am sensitive to people’s feelings and opinion. Be that as it may, I also have a strong task orientation and am keen in successfully finishing all the tasks assigned to me.

Moreover, apart from academic accolades, I also have a brief teaching stint in English, specifically instructing intermediate school and high school in Taif City. This experience has given me the opportunity to be exposed to various media and their optimal use in pedagogy. This has likewise spurred my interest in learning more about instructional technologies. As a move to ensure my success in the program (if I qualify), I will enlist myself to an ESL preparation program, specifically academic English, which California State University provides in order to develop my language for the upper levels.

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