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Physical Education and Technology

The empirical evidence to support the educational effectiveness of electronic games in Physical Education is limited but proves to be promising. In an overview of articles conducted by Papatergiou (2009) electronic games present many potential benefits as educational tools. These games were identified can improve young people’s knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors in relation to health and physical exercise. Also, physically interactive electronic games can enhance young people’s physical fitness, motor skills and motivation for physical exercise. Physical Education has become a popular venue for innovative technologies in recent years.

Physical educators are slowly introducing students to interactive video games. These games require the player to be physically active contrary the long-standing belief that all video games contribute to a sedentary lifestyle. Technology working with efficient teaching would result. Duly noted that the use of a interactive arcade games still needs more research in terms of its effects physical education. The West Virginia had enough confidence in Dance Dance Revolution in 2006 had included and authorized the purchase of the machines into its Physical Education Program.

Other popular video games reviewed were the Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation. Equipped for physically active gameplay with high-tech cameras, accessories and online access let’s the players compete with others. (Trout and Bret, 2007) Thus, exploring innovative curricular ideas such as interactive arcade games seems necessary and even urgent. Physical educators main aim is teaching students to a physically active lifestyle. The National Center for Health Statistics last 2005, had rated obesity as the second death related conditions primarily due to physically inactivity.

At the moment, there are mixed opinions, video games may provide a more popular outlet for lifetime physical activity than more traditional sports and physical activities. BIBLIOGRAPHY Trout, J & Brett, C. (2007) Interactive video games in physical education: rather than contribute to a sedentary lifestyle, these games demand activity from the players. The Journal of Physical Education, Research and Dance Papatergiou, M. (2009) Exploring the potential of computer and video games for health and physical education: a literature review. Computers and Education, 53,3, p 603-622

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