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Technology Implementation Paper

New technologies are instruments created to make work a lot easier for man. They make fast and quality services. For a company to prosper, survive, grow and compete in the market, then he and his company should adapt new technologies and measures in order to deliver what the clients want. These days all the companies, whether in the fields of business, government or civil organizations, all are adapting novice technology to fulfill the demand of their clients.

Organizations who integrate technologies at the right place and at the right time are most likely to displace other companies that are falling behind the technology race. 2 Make sure that all the integration should in a gradual manner. In order to successfully integrate a technology, following steps should be kept in consideration 1. Introduction phase 2. Implementation plans 3. Training plans 4. Support strategies Introduction phase In this phase, a team should be developed which can introduce the company with the technology term by following these steps.

The organization team should first orient itself with the new technology. The company must know the pros and cons of the software or hardware to be integrated. ? The company must analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the technology and fully understand how it will affect positively or negatively the company.  Thirdly the company must check the compatibility of the technology. Implementation plan It’s the 2nd step while integrating technology. Here are the points that need to be considered:

Make sure the technology is fully compatible All the company members fully understand and follow the new technology. ? Integrate the new technology in a part of company in order to check its efficiency ? Once it’s proved to be successful, all the members should be taken in confidence before fully integrating the technology. ? all the members should understand the confidentiality and secrecy of the project ? Check out all the loopholes and should be minimize the leakages of whatever sort. Training Plan

In this phase a team should be made who gathers all the related information, methods and techniques about the new technology together and teach it to the company employee. All the pros/cons and weaknesses/strengths must be oriented to the employees. Use very easy and simple language that everybody can understand and follow. The training should be short and to the point. 1 Support Strategies In the last step, the company should develop the support strategies for the technology. In this phase the support team should check the endurance of the new technology and the product.

The team must anticipate the lifespan of the technology, and as soon as it’s obsolete, it should be upgraded or replaced. A support team or committee must be formulated to carefully monitor the working of the new technology3. Regular meetings of this committee should be held in order to discuss new exploration and up gradation of the technology. Conclusion In such a competitive world, an organization must constantly keep itself updated to the new innovations in the field of science and technology. However one should keep in mind that technologies are never without their disadvantages.

While integrating a technology one should understand the benefits and detriments of new technology. Bibliography 1. Bradshaw, Lynn (2002). Technology for teaching and learning: strategies for staff development and follow-up support. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education. (10)1 pg131. (InfoTrac Web Number A86066001) 2. Burgleman, Maidique and Wheelright, Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation, (3rd Edition). 3. Information Technology Strategic Plan, http://itsp. unm. edu/implementation. php

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