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Successful Implementation of a Program

Making a certain program successful is very difficult specially for someone who has limited resources and knowledge on the matter. In order to make an activity work, a good plan must be laid out. A good plan starts with the identification of the available resources and the needed materials. Specifically, the plan should indicate the target market, purpose, expected outcome, people who will take charge of the committees and the funds that will be used to complete the tasks assigned. Once the articles are identified, a feasibility study should be undertaken.

The said study will give the promoters an idea whether or not the program has a greater chance of being successful or being a failure. The feasibility study will also identify the weak points of the program and give an avenue for the promoters thereof to improve it and better address the needs of the market that they intend to invade (University of Umanitoba). Once the plan is properly laid out, implementation starts. During the said process, the committees get down to business and start performing the jobs assigned.

It is very important that committees are made because it distributes the job and allows the members of a team to give greater concentration to the activities that they need to complete. It is important that the results of the activities are regularly monitored and evaluated during the implementation. The said process will allow the promoters to identify the loopholes and provide remedy immediately. The sooner are the difficulties ironed out, the smother will the implementation be (FML).

The above cited rules are not hard and fast rules in order to make a program successful. Real success does not depend on rules but on the team work, dedication and determination of the promoters thereof. Works Cited Feasibility Study. University of Umanitoba. Retrieved January 22, 2009 from, http://www. umanitoba. ca/afs/agric_economics/MRAC/feasibility. html Basic Guide to Program Evaluation. (2008) Free Management Library [FML]. Retrieved January 22, 2009 from, http://managementhelp. org/evaluatn/fnl_eval. htm

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