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Process of implementation

Organizational change refers to the change within an organization aimed at repositioning it for better performance and efficient service delivery. It can either occur in small-scale enterprise where we call it small scale change or in large scale enterprise called large-scale change. How does the process of implementation for a small-scale change differ from that of large-scale change?

Implementation monitoring: In small-scale change, implementation monitoring is less tasking because the timeline is shorter as against the large-scale change in which the monitoring can take several years. In effect, not only a condensed version of the measuring tool is sufficient but also the monitoring ranges between one to two times during the course of implementation in small-scale change as against large-scale change in which the monitoring can take several years and during which frequent and ongoing monitoring must be planned to accommodate appropriate changes or revisions.

2. Communication: In small-scale change, communication is more effective due to the few participants involved as against large-scale change where many participants, departments or units are involved and the subsequent need for more sophisticated means of communication. This may require networks. In large-scale change, networks are so important and they need to evolve into intentional working relationships where new knowledge, practices, courage and commitment can develop (Margaret & Deborah, 2006)

Conflict resolution: Because few participants are involved in small-scale change, there is no possibility of conflict as opposed to large-scale change where there are many participants and increased possibility of conflicts hence the need to put conflict resolution strategies in place to forestall delay that may arise as a result of various conflicts. Conclusion: going by the above, implementation for small-scale change is fast, cost effective easy to implement. References 1. Margaret, W & Deborah, F (2007). The school Administrator spring 2007: www. margaretwheatley. com/articles/largescalechange. html

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