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Comment on teachers’ question

I found this site very informative. I selected the career life stage. I understood how to plan my finances according to my financial goals. I came to know how to build a financial security net. Having a financial security net could be very useful in times of financial crisis. Apart from the budgeting basics, I found a wealth of useful information related to various investment avenues such as investment in bonds, stocks, mutual funds etc… I felt the information about the different types of life and health insurances provided here would be quite handy in the future.

I feel this section is a must read for every college student who is new to a job. The section on career planning would be quite helpful when a fresher takes up a new job. The site provides a wealth of financial information to every person according to the life stage in which he/she is. Hence this site would be of great help for every American. Comment on Kathlean’s post I agree with your view on “feedthepig. org”. Resorting to saving would be a good decision keeping in view of the current economic crisis and the future that is uncertain.

Comment on chigbo’s post I feel a person not being given credit cards easily has a purpose behind it. Ideally one credit card should be able to satisfy the needs of an average college student. But however an average student was found to have around 5 cards on an average and it would be difficult to manage 5 different accounts. Moreover, taking a fresh loan to clear an already existing loan is not such a good idea.

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