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Short Question Answers

Leadership means the ability to take initiatives for the guidance of others. So it is necessary to have a vast experience and knowledge to drive a path of the followers. It is an art to influence the others and it takes time to prove you. I am going to share my experience. When I was in City College, there was an exhibition in my college. My teacher was organizing the whole event. I am also a student of the same teacher. He chose me to be a part of this event. He provided me an opportunity to coordinate with a group of 5 students. I was a leader among them.

In this exhibition, I had a book stall. So I started planning to conduct the event. I met all my group members, told them about our targets regarding the book stall. I informed them about the coordination with each other, who will report to whom, etc. I am polite in nature. I coordinated with my members with respect; I attended their queries and answered them all. At the end of our first meeting, they were quite satisfied.

That’s why I thought that my leadership is going towards a right path. Answer 2: As my interest is concern, when I was in a college, I found a teacher Mr. David who was very consistent, honest, and had a skill of time management as well as a polite nature. He was very qualified, most of the teachers were comfortable and happy with them, and he knew the ways to deal with different teachers and students. I was inspired by him. He was always ready to take initiatives. He organized and conducted many seminars. So I followed him in this manner. I requested him to provide my services as a student in the programs and seminars organized by them. In organizing, he was managing a group of different teachers.

I observed him as a leader at that time, how he is managing the event and how to satisfy the group members with equality. At that time, I decided that I want to be a leader like him. I went to him; I shared my views with him. He appreciated my views and efforts. Then he started to share his experience and knowledge time. It was a day when I thought that it will be going to help me and I have chosen the right path or a perfect guidance. Answer 3: It is a fact that whenever you are going to organize any event or to coordinate with any one, there will be some challenges and the best part is when you know how to deal with.

My biggest challenge was to maintain equality with all the members in the group. In the exhibition, I assigned different duties or activities to my group members. I assigned them the duties according to their skills and knowledge. Few of my group members thought that I assigned the easiest duties to my favorite members. But I answered their all questions and satisfied them by realizing them their strengths. Second challenge was to create interest in them to conduct the whole activity properly. Few of my group members were not really interested in doing this activity.

Then I discussed with them, realized them the importance of this event and mainly the importance of learning by this event. Because all of us were experiencing a new scenario out of our academics that’s why I understand them and informed them about the positive consequences of this event. Third challenge was to schedule the activities on the stall. I designed their schedule by dividing equal time for each person to attend he stall and sell the books. I was involved in the whole event equally so it was a proof that being a leader I did not choose any comfort for me. Answer 4:

When we sit or move in a society, we represent our families and culture. So whenever I talked or discussed with my team members I never showed them that I am superior with you. I did not take any undue advantage in the event. When I was discussing the entire plan before the execution, I taught my group members how to behave with the others, how to deal in the worst situation, and I also coordinated some other social values to make my group unique and successful. I developed different strategies for our selling; I assigned few girls of my group for the posters, fliers by using different ideas to attract the customers in the exhibition.

I had an arrangement to provide the basic facilities of my members on the stall. I provided water facility, food facility, and cold drinks facility time to time to motivate them and make this learning as fun so their interest will not be spoiled. Being a human being, I tried to provide them all the things needed by them and to make my community strong and prosper. My group was consisted with the people of different mentality, so it was also my responsibility to make them realize that we all are one unit when we are struggling for the same goals and objectives. Answer 5:

As I stated earlier that as a leader, I have learned a lot but interacting with different visions and mentality of people. When you spend some time with different people, you get a chance to learn new things and ideas. So it was my aim to be a leader and to learn different things and to learn the dealings with others. My experience was quite good. I coordinated with my members, I learned how to motivate different people, how to make them efficient and responsible in the given resources and time. We shared different ideas and concepts regarding our studies. It is a fact that God has created each and every one with some skills.

So we need to learn from each and everyone. In my group, there was a little discrimination of American and African. I was not surprised at that time because I was aware with all these issues. I realized it and conveyed them some quotes to have some lessons from it. I told them if we want to succeed then we should unite and move towards the same goals without ant differences because God created all of us. Secondly interacting with them, I noticed their habits and strengths so whenever I will move for the next project, I will consider the same group. Answer 6: In the end I would like to share my views and goals regarding myself.

It was a great experience for me to be a part of that project. I have learned a lot from this project. Goals and objectives are the first step for any planning. First of all I consider all the factors to organize anything. I realize the factors in detail and try to make them feasible. I use my knowledge and the experience provided to me by my teachers in my college to handle any crucial situation. They also provided some case studies for my learning. In which I found different scenarios and their solutions. I conducted the event which is discussed above under his guidance.

My teacher helped me in setting the goals and their standards. So these things became easy for me. I have set few standards for me too. I learn different things from any source; discuss different affairs with my seniors and with my classmates. Then I use to implement these strategies by using various tools. I also follow ethics in any project or event organized by me, because if you are more dedicated towards the respect and rights of the people then you will get great opportunities in the future. I am also thankful to my teachers and parents who provided such an opportunity to groom myself as a student as well as a good leader.

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