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Corporate interview

A human resource management workshop was organized by my class and I was the leader of the whole class and so had to take care of each and every issue that rose. I gave my ideas and worked very hard due to which the workshop that was our class assignment was a great success. The workshop solely focused on the corporate interview scenario and how to better prepare the participants to face this “make or break” meeting. We discussed in detail about the interview etiquettes, interview tactics and interview questions one might have to face.

To organize the workshop seven different departments were formed within the class each delegated with a set of responsibilities. A close communication network existed between all the departments for clear flow of information. All the departments worked in a well-coordinated manner. We planned out things accordingly and the finances were also arranged well just according to the plan. Priorities were given to the goals that we set to achieve in a particular time or date and this helped us a lot to achieve success. The workshop turned out to be a well attended affair.

The Director of our university was the chief guest. Moreover, our course instructor and some other faculty members graced the occasion too. The feedback received from the faculty and the audience was indeed encouraging. For many of them this workshop proved to be a constructive learning experience. 2. Describe a situation when you have worked as part of a team to achieve a goal. What was your specific contribution? Referring to the human resource management workshop that we were given by our human resource management course facilitator as an assignment, we organized it and I was the leader of my class.

In order to achieve our goal, all of us had to work as a team in order to make our workshop a success. My contribution in this event was a lot because as mentioned earlier I was the leader. Therefore, I had most of the responsibility to organize the workshop. Being the leader it was my duty to coordinate with all the groups and maintain strong communication network between all the groups. Other than that, being the leader it was also my duty to motivate all the members of the class so that some may not feel left out. Therefore, I encouraged each and every person and this made them work more efficiently as well as effectively.

As we had limited resources i. e. the capital and the finances to arrange r the workshop, I had to limit the plans in a way that they would even give a good result and anything may not even be left out. This entire affair provided a platform for all of us to work together and better exhibit our skills and talents. It provided us with the opportunity to work like a team and to develop ourselves. (Bailey, Netting & Perlmutter 2000). Bibliography: Bailey,D. , Netting,E. & Perlmutter,F. D. , 2000, Managing Human Resources in the Human Services: Supervisory Challenges, 1st Edn. Oxford University Press, USA, Paperback.

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