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Sports golf

Nike researchers found out that amongst all other sports golf has the advantage from next coming favorable demographic trends. The aging baby boomers and the rising echo boom generation will affect the sport of golf. Researches revealed that the golf market is fragmented and with the rise of golf lovers there is room to penetrate in the market (Parker, 2006). As soon as Nike entered the market it realized the importance of innovation in the golfing equipments and quickly developed a high tech state of the art research center.

with the help of that center Nike golf developed the new square shaped club (sas quatch) which helped Nike golf once again to lead the road of revolution and taking the game to new radical levels of creation. Nike quickly sensed the need for promotion and endorsement of its new golf products. In 1996 Nike took a big step ahead by making the contract with the golf’s greatest player ever tiger woods and up till date he is with Nike golf. With tiger woods on Nike’s side sales went sky high as everybody wanted to be the tiger. Millions are spent on advertisements and promotions of the product.

Nike even started training programs and camps to induce teenagers to get into the sport Rolex Rolex is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious brands of the world. It is the top name in luxury watches; Rolex has been the dominant sign of pride and quality for over a century(Whalin , 2001). Rolex from the very beginning has positioned itself as a status symbol in the consumer mind. Researches have shown Rolex as being the market leader in luxury watches, being the leader Rolex has devoted itself in continues innovations and quality standard.

When we talk about the company’s innovations, the most appealing are the first self-winding watch, the first waterproof watch, the first watch with a date dial, the first waterproof watch cover, but the most exceptional is the first chronometer certification. Many market researches reflected the fact of counterfeit Rolex being produced , company at many times have launched awareness programs and authenticity promotions to tell the customer about its quality, prestige , and its well known authentic chronometer and quartz certifications.

Researches highlighted that Rolex is often censured for charging very high prices. This issue made Rolex realize about a relatively less rich consumers with high purchasing potential, to cater with these buyers Rolex came up with a relatively inexpensive but top quality brand called TUDOR. Later more researches showed the increasing business of fashion industries this enabled Rolex to identify a new fashion market to cater this market Rolex came up with the fashion brand called CELLINI. All Rolex watches are studded with white gold, most appealing are their

Seconds, minute, and hour hands; Rolex has the word “Chronometer” on the dial of their quartz watch. Is this necessary because “chronometer” should only apply to mechanical watches That must go through a series of tests for accuracy standards by the C. O. S. C. Rolex uses the word quartz in their watches, as a smart consumer will know, quartz watches by nature are second best to accuracy of an atomic watch. Taylor Made Golf Taylor Made Golf has dominated the golf industry’s technological inception since it was founded in1979.

In 1997 adidas bought Taylor made company hence making it taylormade-adidas. in a market research it was depicted that the once top Taylor made ball brand maxfli lost its market share rapidly, after this company tried to reposition the brand again but it didn’t worked eventually the company sold the brand in 2008 to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Taylor-made adidas Golf has also quickly rose to become one of the dominating golf apparel companies in the market, thanks to innovations like performance fabric ClimaCool.

Taylor made has always believed in innovations, since its start the company comes up with new models and designs very frequently. This innovation phenomenon is one of the company’s impetuses in expanding its market share. This tactic used by Taylor Made clearly appears to have worked for them. The changes are truly innovation and not mainly fake claims(Goldberger ,2006). The effort of continuous innovation has enabled the company to be one of the top players in the market. Taylor Made Golf’s latest innovation is their new R9 it is about to hit the stores at the end of March 2009.

R9 will officially be company’s 45th latest metal driver since 2003. Thanks to the flowing new product introductions, Taylor made has more than doubled its total revenue, to $1. 3 billion, coming close to once-larger rivals Callaway and Acushnet and coming to the peak in sales of drivers, the game’s most expensive clubs. . References Book Parker, P. M. (2006). The World Market for Golf Equipment. US: ICON. Whalin, G. (2001). Retail Success. US: NOBLE Goldberger, J. (2006). 100 Superlative Rolex Watches. US: DAMIANI

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