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Sierra Golf & Country Club Newsletter

On behalf of the employees at Sierra Golf and Country Club, we want to extend our warmest greetings to our readers on the occasion of launching the very first edition of the club newsletter. As part of our promotional efforts, this edition of the newsletter is being distributed to all those inspiring golfers who have shown an interest in becoming a part of our golfing community. We are honored to have a PGA standard 72 par golf course that also boasts one of the finest course and clubhouses in the area.

The Mark Flair clubhouse is a grand octagonal Victorian style structure overlooking Hole # 1. The second floor balcony provides impressive panoramic views over several other holes which surround the building on all four sides. There is also an observation tower adjacent to the clubhouse which acts as a Manager Post as well as Members Only area to savor a bird’s eye view of the nearby Coast and Greenfield recreational & Wildlife Park. The clubhouse Golf range and training center consists of 25 station tee line with state of the art technology.

For training purposes, there are two putting greens dotted with bunkers. The training and fitting centre provides a range of golf lessons from young to adults at all levels. Used during trainings, it also boasts a virtual golf simulator that looks and plays like a real thing. The 1500 square foot Pro shop offers quality equipment containing all major brands including Nike, Cobra and Callaway. For gourmet lovers, the Sierra Grill offers tasteful barbeque with both indoor and outdoor seating areas while Mike’s Bar is frequented by almost every club member.

At this auspicious event of launching our newsletter, we are proud to announce the grand opening of a Mini Golf where children and adults can enjoy challenging holes riddled with colorful barriers. The management will also take this opportunity to welcome our members to the newly constructed event and banquet building near the most picturesque, Hole # 9. Upcoming Club Food & Beverage Event Few members know that the founder of Sierra Golf and Country Club was a gourmet caterer by profession.

To commemorate his birthday, we would like to extend our invitation to all the readers of this newsletter by requesting them to visit the upcoming event at the new James Woolworth Event & Banquet centre. The guest speaker will be James Woolworth, the founder, himself. The topic is Gourmet Catering as a Small Business which will cover every aspect of opening a successful gourmet catering business without hurting your wallet. A Sample of Discussion The Basics – Getting started is easy, only if you know. It helps to have some experience which can further be corroborated with professional training.

Establishing an entity, getting a license, hiring staff, advertising and expanding the customer base are some of the other initial steps. Initial Expenses – You can start from as little as $5000. For a large setup the cost can easily creep towards thousands of dollars and can be as high as $100,000. Profits – It is difficult for a part-timer to earn a descent living. To make ends meet and gain a hefty profit, catering managers have to work full time and it takes them a couple of years to earn a net profit of more than $50,000.

The Lure of Private Catering – Private Caterers operate in a niche where they offer to provide any kind of gourmet service that their client desires. It requires a challenging setup and lots of training but may be one of the most lucrative business opportunities. Marketing – Get a good website and make sure that it offers a lot of pictures, sample menus, recipes as well as your personal portfolio and a copy of professional license. Soft Opening – Gourmet catering can be less tricky and hassle free with soft opening which can reduce considerable risk.

Seek a Niche – A Niche can make you a really successful entrepreneur in less time. In gourmet catering it may include Organic Food, Kosher and Halal and Decorative Meals. Golden Rules – Reach out to local communities for advertisement and offer them a free sample from your service. Ask your family and friends to promote your business by availing your services at a discount rate. Golf World Review It has been our pleasure to review anything and everything that is creating a Buzz in golfing world.

This section is specifically devoted to Dinning Room Food at Golf resorts around the world. For avid golfers and connoisseurs of fine food, the first edition of GOLF A LA CARTE series is definitely a showcase item. The book covers recipes from the America’s finest golf and private country clubs. According to the publisher, Yeoman House Books, the 252 hard cover colorful book contains the finest recipes from Southeastern United States. It took more than a year to sort out from hundreds of great recipes from world renowned chefs and only 191 made it to the print version.

Such was the overwhelming response by Chefs and Public that the publisher is upbeat to release the Second Volume which will cover the Pacific Coast. Every year, at least two editions will be released to complete the entire series containing golf recipes from all over the World. Some of the mouthwatering dishes include fried green tomatoes, several variations of she-crab soup and a number of delicious gumbos. To top it off, the final price of the book is only $49. 99. What’s more! You can get all the information and read sample recipes from its website at www.

golfcookbook. com. What You Didn’t Know How often do we think about the greatest sportsmen who have ever set foot on the playing field? While it is difficult to compare players from different sports, the only viable method is quantitative analysis. In this regard, Statistician Charles Davis analyzed several sportsmen by comparing the standard deviation that they stand above their mean in sports. Many would be surprised to learn that Donald Bradman, an Australian Cricketer in 1930’s dominated his sports like no other sportsmen. His batting average of 99.

94 runs in each innings if compared to other sports would require a baseball batter to average . 392 in each innings and a basketball player to score 43 points in every game. Until his death in 2001, he was hailed as a National Icon in Australia. Such was his aurora that Times Magazine in an obituary wrote that after the release of Nelson Mandela from prison, the first thing that he asked an Australian was, “Is Bradman still alive? ” On his last test innings, people waited for hours to get in the stadium. He needed just 4 runs to average a perfect 100 in each innings.

Amazingly, he was out for a DUCK…0 Golf Tips Our Golf Manager, Graham Smith, would like to share his tips with you. This section will contain valuable advice from his years of experience as a golfer. There are many theories on a perfect golf swing yet these often mislead golfers into thinking too much without realizing that great golf swing can just be the simplest thing that one can ever accomplish. Among the most common myth is to keep one’s had still while swinging the club. Nothing can be farther from truth! While swinging, your body needs to follow the momentum of your swing.

Professional trainers will always tell you to keep the head level and restrict it from bobbing up and down. Simply, keeping the head still will affect your natural posture. Similarly, many golfers will tell you to keep the left arm still but as long as your elbow is bent to some degree, there is nothing wrong with going with the flow. We have also heard that the gold club shaft be parallel to the ground. The only rule is that your wrists be cocked at a 90 degree angle Remember! There is no rule which states that illustrates where the golf club should end?

Interesting Golf Courses Most of us golfers are aware of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews in Scotland. It is also the cradle of modern golf and unarguably the oldest place that can be associated with golf. Yet another golf course not too far away from St Andrews has the distinction of being the oldest golf course in history. The Musselburgh golf course is reputed to be more than 325 years old continually operating since 1672. Still stories abound that Mary, Queens of Scotts played here more than hundred years earlier than the recorded history.

Whatever the exact date of establishment, what matters is that it still exists. It is the venue of the first official British Open in 1860 and Jamie Anderson from the family of St Andrews was among its winners in 1878 and 1879. The club is located just a few miles south of Edinburgh in Lothian. You can buy exclusive memorabilia by visiting its website at www. musselburgholdlinks. co. uk The Inner Circle James Ashcroft, current General Manager of the Sierra Golf & Country Club, would answer your most frequently asked questions and comment on the news and rumors.

Recently we have been hearing too much of a Resort that is likely to be built on golf club premises near Hole # 15. I must confess that our Club had been negotiating with a few major hotel chains that were interested in developing the vacant area near the elevated green at 15, 16 and 17. As of writing, all of the deals have been scratched because our 72 par golf course and the adjoining area is not large enough to hold ambitious plans of some of these large chains. Another primary reason for discontinuing such a plan was the fact that Sierra Golf & Country Club had to share land with adjacent properties.

Moreover, I will be honest by revealing that we now seek to establish a luxury boutique establishment which will compliment our World Class standards and safeguard the interest of our members by maintaining the intimacy and privacy of this private club. Golf & Travel Our travel expert, Sarah Hockings, reveals the secrets of American cities. You can plan your next visit based on her advice. If you really want to know the attractions in Park City then pick up a good guide from your local store and get all the information on every thing that is not, so Mormon.

Now, if you want a real insider scoop to the ultimate secrets of Park City, then this stuff is written for you. These are the places where everything is in Superlatives: Restaurants The No Name Saloon on Main Street is one of finest hideouts. Without attracting too many eyebrows, it is one of the few places where you still find cowboys, gringos and the likes of Wild Bill Hiccup. While gulping down beer, taste their famous Buffalo Burgers and don’t forget your camera! Half a mile east of the Main Street is the Stew Pot. No matter what! Everyone likes their home made stew and soup.

The prices are reasonable and the food quality, phenomenal. Your ‘on-a-healthy-diet’ Whatever, may want to stay here, forever. If you love baked things then visit the Windy Ridge Cafe. The glass filled enclosure is stuffed with home made items. If it is one day old, you get it for half the price. That’s not it. The adjoining restaurant offers the finest food for half the price found on Main Street. Definitely, it is the best value-for-money in Park City. If you are visiting with Kids, you owe yourself a visit to Hatch Family Chocolate shop in nearby Salt Lake City.

Not just for anything. For tasting what some say is the tastiest home made chocolates on Planet? While your kids mess up by dripping and dipping the chocolates, try your hands on the best Cocoa you will ever taste. That’s a bet! Venture fifteen minutes south of Park City to Dairy Keen. It is located on the South Main Street in Heber Valley. The casual eatery serves arguably the best shakes and burgers in Utah. Kids will love the Choo Choo miniature trains. Up at the elevation of 8000 feet, nestled in the Canyon Ski Resort, is the Norwegian styled Viking Yurt.

It is one of the most romantic places in Western United States. Under the moonlight, you are ushered up the slopes in sleighs. Waiting for you is a sumptuous candle lit meal, prepared by an award winning chef. Accommodation So how on earth, Stein Eriksson Lodge a secret. Yes! It will remain a secret until you know that it is the only recipient of five stars Mobil and five Diamond AAA property, in Utah. To top it off, it boasts the highest rated restaurant in Utah, the Glitretind. Oh Yes, did I mention the homemade chocolates. Go before people discover it! Stay at the Sundance Resort.

It is also the centerpiece of Sundance Film Festival. If you have a family, than rent a 3 or 4 room mountain cottage. If you don’t have a family, spend a few extra bucks and still rent the cottage. Sitting at the lounge of your cottage, you will be spellbound by the moonlight filtering through its multi-story windows. The place is quiet, rustic and provides ambience par excellence. It is hauntingly beautiful… Recreation Park City can easily be named the North American capital of alpine sliding. Here you will find the most advanced alpine slides in North America.

You can also rocket sled or hang glide from the thrilling zipline. That’s not it! Park City Mountain Resort also offers the longest slides in the world that curls, bumps, twist and literally makes you go nuts. Just a few miles west of Park City is Thanksgiving Point. Among other attractions, it has the world’s largest collection of free standing Dinosaur skeletons. It also boasts Utah’s largest golf course. That’s not all. The non-for- profit institute has a children discovery garden, fifty five acres of fifteen theme gardens, farm country, open air amphitheatre, cinemas and so much more.

Shopping On the Main Road, don’t forget to visit the Expanding Heart bookstore. Its collection of books is truly unique. The store carries titles that are mysterious, controversial and distinctively intriguing. Many locals believe that it is the best store in town. Just up the street is Mary Jane’s. You can find quality products for the entire family. It is a popular haunt among folks looking for exceptional clothing and shoes. Once outside the city, don’t forget to visit the Tangier Outlet, a designer outlet for bargain hunters.

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