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Working in an another Country

A country that I might want to work in would be India. India is actually regarded as a sub-continent, since it is a melting pot of several different cultures and ethnicities. This of course has a language implication. The country has 18 recognized languages which are all considered official and are spoken in different parts of the country (Arnett 2007). Out of these, Hindi is the most widely spoken language, and often acts as a unifier in this diverse nation.

The good thing though is that English is also a language of choice, especially in big towns and even educated youth in smaller towns. English is the language of instruction in school and business in the corporate world. I am proficient in English, but I think it would be important to also brush up on Hindi in order to have a more enriched working experience in India. For this, I intend to join a language course in the city in which I will be working, and take out some dedicated time to ensure some level of mastery over the language.

The next thing that I can do to become better in Hindi is to try and converse in it after a few basic lessons with friends I make at my new workplace. In my experience, a language truly gets assimilated when it is used in real life. India is a developing economy, but it is at a significant junction. The country has been progressing by leaps and bounds, and continues to develop its most precious of all resources, which is the manpower is has. The country is poised to become the next superpower, and for that it has an economy and business world which is geared up to achieve great heights.

When it comes to customs and beliefs like most Asian countries, society plays a pivotal role in how individuals lead their lives. In that sense, the culture is one which puts society before self, and gives high importance to institutions of family, marriage and bonding. This is something that is a uniform thread through the fabric of Indian society, and holds in together despite outwardly differences in terms of language, culture, food and attire. In terms of my working, I think I have an adaptable nature and will be able to appreciate the way this country works.

Definitely, I will take some time to adjust and get used to the way of life, but I think in terms of living and conducting oneself, there will be no problem in being just the way I am, as long as it is not offending anyone’s sentiments. I will of course have to be more careful keeping in mind work ethics, and respect given to elders. I will also have to learn to be sensitive to cultural differences like food and dress. For example, a majority of the Indians are Hindu’s, for whom the cow is a holy animal and hence eating beef is sacrilege.

This is one of those cultural truths that I will imbibe and hopefully master as times passes. All said and done though, I would like to definitely like the opportunity to work in India, since I have always admired its rich culture and way of working. I am sure I will be able to learn a lot from this country. I agree that there would be several challenges like will I be able to adapt to the new work environment, and will I get accepted by the people already part of the set-up.

Larger questions are on whether I will be able to deal with an alien land and people I know nothing about. However, in terms of challenges, I am sure there will be plenty, but I think that if I walk in with an open mind and knowledge about my host nation, then things should be fine. It is never easy to adjust to a new situation, but the beauty of life lies in accepting the unknown and becoming a better person through it. Works Cited Arnett, Robert. India Unveiled. Italy: Atman Press, 2007.

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