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Most Common Student Writing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Do you make many mistakes in your written works? You are not alone because many students experience the same problem making the same types of mistakes when writing such kinds of works as a custom essay, research paper, and other academic writing works. Knowing those mistakes can help you avoid making them. You should not wait for your professor to give a low mark for your written work because of lots of grammar errors. You can be one step forward. All you need is just to learn common mistakes that should be avoided.

Mistake №1: Wrong Spelling and Word Choice

It is a common mistake made by all people. Since students have to write many different assignments, the number of such mistakes in their work is really high. It is possible to write the wrong word. This may happen because the spelling of some words is similar and grammar checker is not always helpful here because the wrong word can exist in English and, thus, would not be taken by the checker as a mistake. Do not trust your grammar checker for 100%.

The following are example of such words:

Compete — complete, form — from, felling — feeling, world — word, presence — presents, advices — advises, etc.

How can you improve your writing skills? When checking your text, you should only pay your attention to words spelling and nothing else; do not check the text for one time only. In order to check punctuation, the sense of the text, and so on, you should do checking separately; it is helpful to pronounce each word loudly. Do not try to check your work just after you have it done. You should wait for some time. You can start doing other things to have some rest from writing; now you can forget about the time. Try to proofread completed paper minimum in one hour after you have finished your work, do not be in a hurry – you can achieve better results if you check your work on the next day. The later you check it, the fewer mistakes will remain. One of the best solutions to avoid having spelling mistakes in your work is to ask somebody else to check it for you.

Sometimes it is not spelling that is a problem. Students may choose words that are perfect for spelling, but their meaning does not correspond to the sense of a sentence. You should always use new words carefully and do not forget to check the meaning of unclear words using different vocabularies. It is also useful to use specialized vocabularies. For instance, if you need to write a work for the discipline “Finances,” you should use sources with a special terminology. It is not hard to find them on the Internet.

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Mistake №2: Wrong or Missing Comma

Different punctuation rules are broken by students. There are so many of them that it is no wonder why students make lots of mistakes; sometimes it is a comma missing or placed incorrectly.

One of the most common problems is not placing a comma after an introductory element. There is a special rule for that. You should place a comma at the end of an introductory word, phrase or clause in order to indicate where it ends and many students tend to avoid placing a comma there; it is especially true for an introductory element that is too short. How to avoid making such mistakes? It is important to distinguish where an introductory element begins and where it end, it is not that hard as it sounds. If you double about whether you need to place a comma in a particular sentence, you should check it with reliable sources. This will be pretty helpful. It does not take much time to learn how to distinguish the introductory parts located at the beginning of a sentence.


Many students place a comma where it is not needed.  If there are restrictive elements that modify the meaning of the words, they do not require a comma; learn what restrictive elements are. Check the following example:

We can ask that boy who stands near us where the shop is.

“Who stands near us” is a restrictive clause. In this sentence, no comma is needed before “who” and after “us.”

A comma is placed before coordinating conjunctions. And, but, so, or, for, nor, yet require no comma when they do not join parts of a compound sentence; they require a comma according to other rules.

See the example below:

The reason was understood by the teachers and by the students.

In this sentence, no comma is needed before “and.”  It is needed to join two phrases that modify the same verb.

When you have such a series of subject in a sentence, do not place no comma before first and after last item; a comma is only needed to separate items.

Here is an example:

He was asked to go to the shop to buy some apples, bananas, rice, and other fruits needed for the cake.

No comma before “apples,” and after “fruits,” is needed.

There is no need to use comma between a verb and subject. See the following example, where no comma is needed to be placed after “waiters.”

Finally, the waiters could have some rest.

No comma is needed between an object and preposition.

On her way home from the party she bought a piece of cake at a shop.

No comma is needed before “party” and after “cake.”

If you are not sure whether you need a comma here, you can simplify the sentence or find the similar sentences and see how they are written. Learn the rules for the use of a comma.

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Mistake №3: Unclear Pronoun Reference

A pronoun should be clearly referred to the noun.  If you find that more than one word could be a pronoun, you should edit your sentence and make it absolutely clear.

See the following example:

I can see a cat playing with a toy near the garage. It needs some cleaning.

It is unclear who needs cleaning “cat,” “garage,” or “toy.”

If you are not sure whether it is clear or not, you should ask a friend to check the sentence for you. Do not you have somebody to conduct the checking for you? You can find essay writing service reviews and ask the chosen provider to do it. It is a paid service and if you do not want to use such services, just re-write the sentence so that you do not have any doubts.
Mistake №4: Missing Word

Check the text for consistency. Try to find any omitted words that you simply forgot to include in your writing; you should check the sense of each sentence. Do not hurry because this may only lead to making mistakes, slowly keep checking chapter by chapter; it is a pretty effective way to deliver a quality assignment on time. Asking somebody will also help you a lot. If you do not need this work to be done for you for free, you can check on essay writing service reviews and find the quality helper. Become a customer of a reliable writing company. You can use their website to get professional help at any time you need, it is very important for every student.

The General Advice

Here are some tips that you should learn in order to provide clear and mistake-free works:

  • Always check your work after you have finished it;
  • Check punctuation, wrong spelling, and missing words separately;
  • Try to check your writing in several hours after you have completed your writing;
  • Ask a friend to check your work for you;
  • Use essay writing service reviews that can help you to find the needed help.

It is not that hard to become a good writer.  You can write without grammar mistakes, but to succeed you should constantly learn.

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