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Pros and Cons of Phonological Awareness

Phonological awareness is the sensitivity of the people towards the sound structure. This kind of awareness is developed during the childhood years. Phonological awareness is being used by many people. But, like many other things, it has its own pros and cons.

For teachers who are teaching phonological awareness, the positive advantages of having phonological awareness are the following: they learn how to be sensitive to the sound of the words, they become more fluent in reading, they become more sensitive to the spelling of the words, and the teachers would be able to teach children with language deficiency the correct pronunciation and spelling of the words.

However, the disadvantages of phonological awareness are the following: the teacher could have a hard time teaching the students because he/she has to break the sentences down into simpler forms, the teachers are required to provide activities that would enable the children to practice what they learn, and that the teachers are required to focus more on children who just started to learn phonological awareness.

Learning phonological awareness is not easy because the children should be able to apply what they learn through certain activities. But learning this will help them learn the alphabets easily. References Savage, J. (2007). Sound it out phonics in a comprehensive reading program. New Jersey: McGraw-Hill.

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