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Personal Statement and Objectives in Applying for Graduate Study

Every person has a goal of achieving their own dreams in their lives. For people who have desires, being successful in their career is one of the things that complete them. Just like those people, I am a person full of aspirations and dreams and I want to fulfill all of it in my life. For me, being able to do what makes me happy makes me more satisfied and contented. As of now, I can say that being married and having three kids have given utmost happiness in my life because I consider them as great blessings from God.

However, I still believe that I do have to accomplish one of my desires that I have longed for and that is my aspiration to be a teacher. My utmost reason why I want to take up a graduate study is to pursue a career related to teaching. Teaching has been my field of interest and I want to focus on mathematics and research because it is in these fields that I have established my expertise based on my past career and working experience. As a mother, it has been my regular habit to teach my kids especially when they have assignments and exams.

For me, teaching my kids is a two way process. My kids learn from the things that I teach them and at the same time, I learn from what my kids share to me. By teaching my kids, I have established a passion that I want to share to other people. I believe that by pursuing a graduate study that I will be able to share my passion and skills to other people especially to my future students. Considering all the experiences that I have undergone, I believe that I am still capable of learning the necessary skills required for teaching.

Even though teaching may sometimes be difficult, I realized that teaching is one of the best professions that anybody can have and as much as possible, I want to take that opportunity so long as I have my strength and my determination. Most importantly, I know that by teaching, I will be able to help many children by motivating them to study hard and by guiding them towards their dreams. I know that enrolling for a graduate study posts hard challenges on my part.

The pressure, stress and other problems may test my strength as a student, teacher and mother Yet, I believe that it is through those challenges that I will be able to seek and gain learning that will be helpful in my profession. Nonetheless, I believe that with my utmost will and passion, I will be able to overcome the challenges that are associated with teaching and I will be able to establish a learning atmosphere that is conducive for both my students and I. For now, I am looking forward to being a graduate study student and I am preparing myself for it.

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