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Personal Statement

I firmly believe that education is one of the most effective means in the realization of one’s dream. In the pursuance of my dream to be a (profession), I have endeavored to pass through the tests of learning. Now that I am entering college, I am determined to take (course you want to enroll). Apart from that, I also believe that the educational institute is an important factor in providing the students with all the necessary knowledge, training, and facilities. As for me, I have chosen the University of Massachusetts, Boston to be my partner in realizing my dream.

I am aware that learning and earning a degree is not that easy. There are always trials in various forms. There are also numerous barriers that may pull me down from pursuing my dream. College life has also been known as arduous and demanding. However, this does not weaken and discouraged me to continue because I am armed with determination, persistence, patience, and passion in achieving my goals. Through the values imparted to me by my parents, I believe that I can easily break all the barriers in the realization of my insurmountable dream.

More importantly, through the assistance of the school and of my instructors coupled with my hard work, I am confident that I can earn the degree that will finally prepare me to the real field of (profession/career after college). It is also noteworthy to state my educational background which has strengthened my vision in life. In my very fist day in school, I was filled with mixed feelings of doubt, fear, and excitement. I was doubtful of what would happen to me in the next following days and fear of the troubles and experiences in school.

However, I was so excited to experience the feeling of being free and beginning to learn more about life. Through time, the importance of education has been inculcated to me. In high school, I had been a hardworking student. I utilized every opportunity to expand my knowledge, exposed myself in different activities, and explored every chance of learning. Learning for me is exciting. Notably, I obtained several awards and had been known for my active participations in different student organizations. (State the awards received and organizations you have joined).

In my experiences in high school, I have learned a lot of things which were not taught inside the classroom. In my membership in different organizations, I met several friends of different races. Diversity has been considered as a barrier in building oneness and friendship. By virtue of my experiences, I believe otherwise. Among my group of friends, despite our differences, we had come together and helped each other pass the test of secondary school. Apart from that, I learned a lot of different foods and cultures because of my eagerness and openness of learning others’ culture and practices.

In addition, I also learned that dependency builds friendship. More importantly, I have gained the confidence that has built my courage in facing the odds and complexities of life. After high school, I can say that I have grown up prepared enough to take a tougher challenge and a harder life as I am nearing to the realization of my dream. Apart from school activities, I also endeavored my time and effort reaching out for those in needs. Being an active member of (organization joined in the community), I have developed the importance of contributing to the community.

Through my exposure in community activities, I can say I am more fortunate to have not experienced the hardships of life. In my desire to alleviate the societal problem, I have imparted my own share. Remarkably, my exposure in such activities has opened my eyes to the realities of life and the real condition of the country. I finally realized that each can be part of changing the world for the better by doing each one’s part in whatever form it may be. As for me, I have decided to obtain a profession in (course to be taken), as my way of making myself as an asset of the society.

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