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My personal life

When considering a time that a journey was made in my personal life I always think back to the many family vacations that were a popular thing in my home. No matter where we were traveling the family was together and there were many traditions that were followed through the trips. During each of the family vacations a personal discovery or a discovery about me and how I am a part of my family occurred. Thus it was not only a literal journey but a journey within me. Three things that occurred through the journey are that there was a time of recognition, a time of growth and a time of learning.

During the time of recognition on my journey I learned many things. In William Blake’s poem, Echoing Green, he writes “to welcome the spring” in relationship to how the poem is talking about the overall loss of innocence. As in this aspect we would travel and then as in myself I began to realize what was going on with me was welcoming the overall new things that were opening up to I. Being able to be myself with my family helped me to be able to discover new things more easily and at a better pace then I could have discovered them were it to be on my own.

“Sing louder around the to the bell’s cheerful sound while our sports shall be seen” (Blake “Echoing Green”). I was excited about the prospect of things with the family and then as I matured and realized all of the growth that the family vacations had on me then I went through and overall I was able to grow through these travels. It was always this first sense of recognition which enabled me to know where I would be growing from and what would be happening. The overall recognition is like in the poem The Lamb where Blake writes “gave thee life, and bid thee feed, by the stream and o’er the mead.

” Not only did the time of recognition take place but also there was a time of growth (Blake “The Lamb”). With each family vacation after learning where I needed to grow from there was a time when I would experience the growth. During this time I experienced a major life change and a time in my life where I was able to learn from an experience and I was able to grow through the experience with my family and those who are closest to me. In the poem when Blake is talking about the lamb helping to meet other’s needs he is saying “gave thee clothing of delight, softest clothing, and wooly, bright.

” Thus he is talking about what I experienced by my family being around me when I was experiencing growth. My family helped me through each experience where we were able to find growth. Without the lamb others would not be able to manage the help in the poem and without my family I would not have been able to manage the changes that occurred in my life. Through the travels I was able to grow into various experiences and I was able to learn many things about myself. Some of these things were that I learned how to be a better person and how to be a member of my family.

Being able to learn about my role in my family and the importance of myself in their lives as well as them in my life, I was able to really learn how to manage the personal growth and overall I was able to become a better person through these travels and these changes have drastically affected whom I have grown into. Although I know that travels with my family will not always prevail I am thankful for the time that we have had together and for the amazing periods of growth that we have been able to manage together.

Not only was I able to grow from the experiences of my travels with my family, but I was also able to learn from these experience (Blake “The Lamb”). Learning from the experiences that were able to give me growth from the travels with my family was something that I never realized the importance of until I had gotten older. I had always thought that family vacations were a fun time to spend with my family; however I never realized all of the amazing things that I was learning through these travels.

I have learned many valuable lessons and many other issues with things in my life from my personal growth. “They laugh at our play, and soon they all say; ‘such, such were the joys when we were all, girls and boys, in our youth time were seen, on the echoing green. ’” I was able to experience life with my family and the lessons learned were great and something that will be with me through the rest of my life (Blake “Echoing Green”). Being able to learn lessons in life is one of the greatest gifts that are given to us.

There are many things that happen in our lives and we can learn lessons through many different things and in many different ways. There are many lessons that I personally have learned through lessons that I learned while I was on vacations with my family. These trips really turned out to be something that was great and something that I really was able to grow and learn from with experiences. In William Blake’s poems he talks about the growth of the characters and how that growth is perceived.

My personal experience with trips has been that I have had a recognition period where I realized what I need to learn; the overall experience of growth and the time when I am able to grow and be able to change things about myself; and the period of learning where I walk away from the experience changed and better in some way. Works Cited Blake, William. “Echoing Green. ” About. com. 2009. http://quotations. about. com/od/poemlyrics/a/blakepoem07. htm Blake, William. ”The Lamb. ” About. com. 2009. http://quotations. about. com/cs/poemlyrics/a/The_Lamb. htm

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