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The Self’s Journey: A Personal Action Plan

This is my Personal Action Plan. This serves as the road map of my life where readers can have a glance of the paths that I have traveled to and the people that I have met and made a difference in my life. This also reveals my goals and dreams that I yearn to accomplish. Part 1. Events and People: The Important Chapters of My Life The Episodes What I am today is definitely because of what I used to be in the past. My experiences way back decades of years ago molded my becoming. I realize that life is constantly changing. The significant episodes of my life are rooted from my childhood, adolescence and early adulthood years.

In each phase, memorable moments happened and they indeed helped me shape and craft my goals and visions in life. During my childhood years, I dreamed of being an Air Force Pilot. I was deeply fascinated on how pilots manage to fly their planes and manipulate their engines while combating in the air. I also admired those people who serve the country and fight for the country. I wanted to be just like them. However, things have changed. That vision is suddenly altered when I entered my adolescence stage. When I saw a marching band, I instantly thought of becoming a professional clarinetist.

During those times, I began to go to symphonies because I learned to love the sound of the music. The blending of notes and the rhythm and tempo of the music amazed me. Because of my passion for that kind of music, I started to learn how to play the clarinet. And for me, it has been an accomplishment. For ten years, I managed to learn and play different sort of woodwind instruments. I will never forget the moment when I joined and played in the UPR-Ponce Symphony Orchestra. It was a really magnificent experience and I treasured it most. Nevertheless, things do change and rearrange. My desires, dreams and goals are the proofs.

When I reached the age of 20, I joined the military because I like the actions inside it. Military is full of challenges and adrenaline rush. It has summoned me to be more attentive than ever and to do and accomplish very hard activities that require full muscle strength and body and mind coordination. I have learned a lot from the Military School such as taking actions on responsibilities, fulfilling promises, following the leaders, following of orders and most importantly, disciplining one’s self. I have been acquainted on how to discipline my self better, to fight for unnecessary urges, desires and temptations.

Since then, I learned to stand on my own feet and I know that I have become a better person. I was in the military for five years. And in one of those moments of being involved in it, I was assigned in Iraq along with other members. In 2005 until 2006, a time when war unleashed its angst and defense, I was sent to Iraq. Being away from my native land, I tended to observe a lot in order to diminish my worries and longings. Iraq has a beautiful sky every night. I can see all the stars and the moon looks like a big halo. The coldness enveloped me and yet I learned to handle it.

The physical environment of Iraq became my diversion every time I thought of home. I encountered explosives, indirect fire (mortars) and RPGs a lot of times. With these experiences I became acquainted to be more courageous and brave than ever before. Fear holds no space in the military. Military taught me to stand on my decision; hence, I served my country as much as I can. Because of my willingness to serve, I became an instructor in the military school too. I taught the Pre-Mobilization Training Assistant Element. I taught all types of operations from Live Fire Exercises to First Aid.

Teaching also helped me to realize that soldiers think differently. They have diverse modes of thinking especially the way they want to grow up, acquire knowledge and achieve their goals and most especially, the way they want to become superior and dominate others. Because I was also defied by the unknown, I got out of the military. I decided to study Computer Science Engineering in Herzing College. For the past years, I have already been full of military experiences which made me decide to pursue another study. This choice was due to the fact that I wanted to make a difference and to go beyond the unexpected.

The Significant Others My experiences are worth remembering especially the people who have been involved in those times. There are two important persons in my life that I know I will never forget: the Lieutenant Colonel and my wife. Lieutenant Colonel is one of the best persons that I have ever come across in my whole existence. He was the man who helped me to survive and stay in the military. He gave me a lot of solicited and unsolicited advices that helped me carry on with my service. He understood how I feel and what I was going through even though there were no words that were spoken.

He was a great soldier who enabled me to see the positive sides of life inside the military academy. He made me realize of lot of things in terms of service, patriotism, nationality, peace and especially, war. He bestowed me unique knowledge that up until now, I still carry with me. My wife is the other important person in my life. I love her so much with all my heart and soul. She has been my best friend way back high school years. When I came back from Iraq, I realized that I want to spend my life with her. She is the person whom I want to draw, write and make the other chapters of my existence.

She is the woman who makes me see things in different perspectives. She makes me strong every time I am weak and she aids me carry all the burdens in life. She is my life. Because of our love with each other, we now have our two-year old baby boy. Part 2. The Self: Who I am and My Own Personal Needs I am Roberto Feliciano. When I step out of my self and look at the man named Roberto, I realize that I also possess several strengths. In my years of being, I have already accomplished a number of things that for me imply success. However, those triumphs will never materialize if I do not work on and fight on my weaknesses.

I know and I believe that I am a good man. My strengths lie on my character and attitude. I am responsible and loyal. And it can be pulled from my military and teaching experiences as well as with my married life. I am creative and my imagination never ends, which can be traced back in my childhood years. My desire to craft robots and discover artificial intelligence illustrates my boundless imagination. My passion for music signifies arts and creativity. Not everyone has the patience to learn woodwind instruments and to abide with the challenges that the mischievous music notes and clefs offer.

However, some of my strengths will never be regarded as strengths if I did not struggle to overcome my weaknesses. Most of my strong points emerged from my limitations. Way back then, I had a hard time dealing with decision-making; nevertheless, entering in the military allowed me to develop that aspect of my life. I am impulsive and I usually make things out of haste and spontaneity. There are times when I will just find out I am already caught in a situation, a dead end and I cannot do anything about it but to stand on my decision and learn to get out of the situation.

In the process, I learned a lot especially how to take actions for my responsibilities, think of other possibilities and options and prioritize what I really have to do and what needs to be done. Part 3. Goals and Visions My goals and visions in life are based on what I want to do and what have to be done in the course of my existence. Most of them are influenced by my experiences that I have gathered and achieved. I am currently in my freshman year in Computer Science Engineering. I desire to have good grades and to graduate with flying colors.

I take it as a challenge because I also yearn to have my Doctorate Degree. I want to have a good and stable job that will allow me to apply my knowledge and learning and will allow me to grow. In order to achieve those things, first, I need to study very well. I have to be more disciplined than before because life outside the military school is different when I am inside that space. The rules are very much diverse and different because nowadays, I am the one who sets the regulations on my own. I am pressuring my self to accomplish all that is needed for me to achieve.

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