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Personal Values Development

Personal Values usually consist of an individual’s personal beliefs and standards that are meaningful to them and gives the individual a feeling of purpose and accomplishment. Whether or not we are consciously aware of them, every individual has their own set of personal beliefs or values. Most people are taught as young children to be honest, reliable, and hard working to say the least. These among many other personal values are what motivate us to have a purpose and maintain an even harmony. Personal Values and Ethics Development

Personal values and ethics can vary from person to person depending on how each individual was influenced throughout the many experiences in their life. When I think about my personal values, the list is very long. I was brought up by both my mother and father. My father being a Baptist minister and my mother a Registered Nurse of 4 children (including myself) the love and respect of God, family, and our country was instilled with deep roots in our family. My parents and church were the biggest influence as far as values and ethics in my life.

We were brought up with the idea that respect was given no matter what the circumstance, especially to parents, adults, and any authority figure, or we would have consequences to deal with at home. When addressing any adult “yes or no mam” and “yes or no sir” was not just expected but required. Both of my parents were very hard workers and they expected the same with us. Going to school and getting good grades was not a choice or decision that we could make, it was expected of us. We were taught that pulling your weight when it came to chores and housework would not only keep things in order, but it was showing our parents honor and respect.

Lying and stealing were absolutely not tolerated. Being trustworthy, honest, and loyal to others not only gave us a sense of self-respect and commitment, but it also taught us the importance of a good reputation. As we began to get older and wanted to become more independent by going out with friends or on a date, accuracy and accountability were enforced. We were asked, “Where are you going? ”, and “What will you be doing? ”, “Who will you be with? ”, and “This is what time you are to be home. ” We didn’t ask questions or make up things because we knew that somehow or another, our parents would eventually find out the truth.

We were taught to be caring and compassionate towards others simply through examples that we were shown and the positive environment that we were given. Because of the many values that were firmly instilled in us as children, as adults we have been able to build strong and lasting friendships, which is essential to living a happy and healthy life. Decision-making factors Values are a major motivating force for me because I can categorize my values by their meaning, worth and importance to things in my life.

When I am able to satisfy or uphold my personal values, I get a feeling of purpose and completion. If my values are not met, there is a sense of dissatisfaction, unease or incongruity. There have been times when I have been faced with changing or altering my personal values, and I do feel that this is sometimes necessary and even acceptable. Values can have completely different meanings to different people depending on how they were brought up. Decision-making and personal values go hand in hand. My personal values very much determine my goals and outcomes in my life.

The goals I choose are the open expression of my personal values and decision making is similarly based upon my core values. For example, when I choose my goals it is part of my decision-making steps or criteria. Therefore, I must set a certain criteria and factors to utilize for myself to follow when I am faced with the dilemma of revising my personal values. My personal values will determine how I perceive any particular situation that I am dealing with. When recognizing that a revision needs to be made, I go through several different emotions.

Some revisions of my personal values may be very easy depending on how deep rooted they are. If I feel in some way that I am thinking of making a drastic or big change in my values, then I feel anxiety, fear, and sometimes even guilt. Of course anytime that we deal with change we go through these stages. However, I think that these emotions are due to the fact that I can’t adequately picture the future or how this change will affect me overall. This causes my anxiety level to increase, and my fears are elevated simply due to the thought of change itself.

At this point guilt will sometimes set in because I doubt myself and making an accurate decision. On the other hand, sometimes my feelings and emotions are that of happiness that I am making a change in my personal values for the better. Regardless of whether the past was positive or negative, personal or self-improvement is a step closer to my own happiness. At this point I feel a high level of anticipation and sometimes excitement at the prospect of this positive improvement. However, I also feel that this positive change will lead me to success and a brighter future without altering my individuality.

At this stage of the process I will determine my purpose for this change of my personal values, by identifying exactly why I feel that this change is necessary. I will then begin to gather information to determine that this is the best thing for me and those affected by my decision. After I have all of the information or facts that I feel are needed, I will then use this information to assist in determining all of my options before I finalize my decision. Now I will begin to use my ethical judgment to evaluate the possible consequences in making this change.

My personally use listing the pros and cons to this change to determine whether this is a good decision or not. Finally, I will make a decision according to the above criteria and put my decision into action and the change is made. When making such a critical decision I do feel that it is extremely important to keep my focus on what goals I have set for myself, short term and long-term. I always let my intuition lead me to the right choice. Conclusion In conclusion, most people are taught as young children core personal values that will follow them their entire lives.

There may be times when we are in a position where we feel these values are in need of change. In such situations I personally feel the best strategy for me is to follow the criteria I have discussed above. This criterion involves going through certain steps I have developed for myself to assist me with determining if I’m making a good choice or decision. I feel if I maintain my focus on my goals and purpose, according to these criteria I have developed, this will lead me to a life of happiness and success while maintaining my individuality and self-respect.

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