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Professional values and ethics

Values can be defined as a set of principles that an individual or a group of people acquires and are used to define what is important, good or wrong and right or wrong. They are rules, which define the behavior or character of an individual or a group of people. Ethics on the other hand are principles, standards or rules which are firmly held by a group of people and must be adhered to before anybody else becomes a member of that group (Global Dharma Center, 2005). It is therefore important to appreciate that different people have different values and they should harmonize their likes and dislikes to for a code of ethic in their group.

Sources of ethics and values Human life is marked with several stages of growth and at different types of environments. All this stages and environments have an influence in his behavior and therefore form the source of his values and ethics. The first one is personal values and ethics (Ghere, & Frederickson, 2005). These are the fundamental ones and are totally different to different people. They are developed at young stages of growth and are developed based on personal interest, capabilities and preferences.

Secondly, are social values and ethics. These are developed as a person grows up and starts interacting with other members of the immediate society. At the teenage stage of growth, people tend to concentrate more on what others perceive about them than what they have. This leads to people conforming to other people’s values and ethics. The desire to feel accepted, recognized and appreciated, peer pressure and the media plays a big role in acquiring this social values and ethics (Ghere, & Frederickson, 2005).

These factors also contribute in weakening some of our personal values and ethics which are not reflected in the society. These social values and ethics are carried forward and harmonized to accommodate a larger group of people. This can amount to establishment of clans and rebel groups The last common source is economic values and ethics. Many modern organizations and professional bodies have common values and ethics which are defined in the objectives and goals and must be reflected by their character behavior and activities (Ghere, & Frederickson, 2005).

It is clear that the more engaging some one is this organizations or professional bodies the more he tends to abandon the values which are not shared by the fellow members. How professional values and ethics can influence career success. Professional values and ethics are very important tools in developing ones career. Different people can have the same career and skills but have different values and ethics. For employees to be recognized or promoted, the employers will tend to look at the strong values they posses and if they reflect those for the organizations (Babu, 2007).

Professional values and ethics will therefore provide means of pursuing your career. For instance, layers are required to work hard for the best of their clients. They are required to be diligent, presentable, extremely knowledgeable in all areas of law, meet tough deadlines and keep their clients updated and satisfied with the progress of the case. All this standards and responsibilities are aimed at assist them to succeed in their career. The success in military is highly influenced by their code of ethics. These principles are instilled to them during training and they will practice them forever.

Such values include courageousness, determination to win, obedience and integrity. They are all made to help them build and practice their career. References Babu, D. (2007). Professional Ethics and Human Values. Hingham, MA: Firewall Media. Ghere, R. , Frederickson, G. (2005). Ethics in Public Management. New York: M. E. Sharpe. Global Dharma Center. (2005). Human Values and Ethics in the Work Place. Retrieved July 23, 2010, from http://www. globaldharma. org/Files%20%20Adobe%20Acrobat/HVEW/Paper%20Teaching%20Managers%20Human%20Values%20posted%20to%20website. pdf

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