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Professional Writing

As a proofreader, it is of critical importance to observe the Code of Professional Conduct and the Code of Ethics. These should be observed: Confidentiality, Impartiality, Fedility, Integrity, and Continuing Education. Proofreaders must only disclose critical information to desired individuals. Proofreaders must observe fairness in all his work. Proofreaders must show consistency of actions, visions, values, principles in performing his job. Proofreaders require keeping on exploring knowledge beyond what he currently possess.

Professional writers in the same way also observe the same code of ethics. In the case, it is very important that the proofreader must call the attention of the two engineers – the senior and the junior engineer immediately one at a time. This should be done according to the procedure stated in the working policies of the company. In general, these rules adhere to the due process of law of our constitution. The proofreader should disregard the superiority or position of the involved individuals, as he should be fair at all times.

Proofreaders must identify who is telling the truth or who is not. If by any means stated by organizational procedures, the proofreader must work with the designated Review Group, to handle the case very well. When anybody aside from the proofreader is designated to handle cases like this, the proofreader must submit a formal written report of the case to that designated person. When a proofreader behaves this way, he can preserve his own credibility and of the article writer. Proofreaders must be aware of any Plagiarism activity in every written article submitted to him.

Plagiarism is act of stealing other people’s idea. The basic concept in every publication approval, or in any investigative report, or writing, is that it requires originality. When borrowing idea, sources must be cited according to proper referencing styles. It is very important to always give credit to the original author of borrowed idea. Reference: Wikibooks. org. “Professional and Technical Writing Ethics”. Retrieved Jan. 25, 2009 from http://en. wikibooks. org/wiki/Professional_and_Technical_Writing/Ethics

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