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Professional Ethics

Personal opinion, ethics, beliefs can never be separated from professional ethics this is because personal ethics, integrity and morality strongly influences a persons professional ethical conduct. I believe that professional ethics is more important than personal ethics because it highly depends on the requirements of the profession because it looks out for the greater interests of the company or organization and also that of its respective customers.

Professional ethics is better that personal belief at the work place because people who are acting in a professional capacity take an extra burden of ethical accountability. For instance professional associations have a stipulated code of ethics that usually defines the expected behavior within the context of professional practice such as accounting, law engineering and medicine. T

he stipulated codes provide the required rules for contact and also the standards of behavior which are based on the professional ethic some of this codes include objectivity, impartiality, full disclosure or openness, ,due diligence, fidelity to assigned professional duties and avoiding conflict of interest. Professional ethics is more valuable than personal ethics because it is uniform thus ensuring that there is uniformity in the ways employees work. This is because it sets out ideals and also the responsibilities of a profession. It also has the power to wield a de facto form of regulatory effect thus protecting all professionals and the company’s clients.

Professional ethics also inspires and motivates and inspires practitioners because it always attempts to define their raison d’etre. Professional ethics also provides good guidance on acceptable conduct thus making it work place better because it raises and awareness of issues. Professional ethics is vital to a company for it improves quality and consistency References Ned, K. & Davison, R. (2004). Professional Ethics. Retrieved on May 23 from http://www. cb. cityu. edu. hk/is/research/ISWorld/ethics/index. htm

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