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Professional Issues

The last two decades has greatly witnessed tremendous change in the internet communication and technology sectors. The growth and development of ICT sector opened a new door for carrier opportunities in the sector. There was an increase in the demand for IT experts and personnel and this affected the curriculum of various colleges and university. Most colleges started to offer information technology as unit of study in the institutions.

According to Ulink (2010), there are different branches of information technology and each of them guarantees on an employment opportunity in his / her area of study. Some of the branches of information technology covered in the learning institutions are: Computer Scientist, Database Administrator, Network Systems Analyst. , Data Communication Analysts, Computer Specialist, Computer and Information Systems Manager, Software Publisher and Computer Software Engineer Purpose of the Research Paper

As an information technology student, I will be required to select the stream in which to specialize in once I enter the job market. The purpose of this research paper is to give the two streams that I wish to join once I am out of college, in addition to that, the paper will give the name of the IT profession, its responsibilities, its major job functions and its place in an organization. Other areas that the paper will cover are to look at the relevant bodies that oversee the stream that I would have selected among other issues.

Professional Issues Information Technology Internet / Intranet and Web Design Stream In any organization, the communication, marketing and promotion departments are some of the most important departments in an organization. This is because it is through them that the management is able to communicate with its clients as well as internal communication. On the other hand, the web design stream is mainly a marketing tool for the organizations products and services.

These are the two main streams that I would love to be attached to when I join the ever growing job market. Internet and Intranet Streams The two streams work hand in hand in any organization. The intranet is used for the internal communication in an organization, it by having a stable and reliable intranet that the internet can function well. According to Salome (2009), there are couples of benefits that the intranet offers to the organization.

Some of which include: access to the company’s employee handbook, access to the employee phone directory, which includes a search feature, access to company organizational charts, which include links to phone directory listings, access to employee benefit information, and the ability to enroll in the annual benefits program, access to company advertisements from around the world, which enables employees to see how the organization is positioned in different environments, access to the president of the company addressing shareholders in a live meeting, access to department websites within the organization and finally access to the manager review of your performance and ability to enter feedback on that performance. The internet in an organization can be described as the link of the organization to other networks all over the world, mostly through the satellite and telephone links.

Salome (2009), states that the internet is used for communication with the outside world and the clients. It is used to send and receive mails as well as do research on the changes that happen in the industry. By keeping in touch with this, the organization will be able to determine the best marketing and promotional strategies that the organization can adapt to. Web Design Stream The internet and web design are two inseparable streams. The web sites (which are created by creative web designers) represent the face of the company to the outside world; in addition to that, web sites are also the modern marketing tools for the organization. The main functions of the web sites for the organization according to Griffin (2007) are;

Tell your Story: Web sites pass the message to the consumers about your products and services. Give Directions: Another purpose of the web sites is to give directions to the public and consumers on the directions to where the company is and where other sisters’ company’s of the main organization might be located. Provide Contact Information: Web sites provide contact information to the consumers. The contact details found on websites are, telephone, post box number, fax number etc. Make Good First Impression: The first impression by an individual determines a lot on the response that he / she will get. A well designed and updated web sites act as the marketing door of the companies’ products and services (Zeromillion, 2005).

Having a chance to work in the above streams in an organization will give me an opportunity to market the organization to greater heights. To enable achieve this, I aim at obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a major in internet, web designs as well as a minor in net work design and set up. The organization that I would love to join is the Virgin Group of Companies. My passion and love for the company is because of the admiration of the person behind the growth and prosperity of the company. Sir Richard Branson. I also have a passion for air planes and as such I would like to join the Virgin Air Franchise and help take the organization to another level. Summation / Conclusion

The paper has looked at the two main streams that I would like to join in the information technology department of an organization that I wish to work for – The Virgin Group of Companies. The paper has also given the reason as to why I chose these streams and the importance they have for the organization as well as to the world. In addition to that, the paper has given the qualifications that I require in order to achieve this dream as well as the reason as to why I chose the Virgin Group of Companies. The economic growth and prosperity of that world depends on the ICT sector and therefore it is upon the major players in the industry to ensure that this sector thrives for generations to come. References Griffin C. (2007). Top 10 Functions of a Website. Retrieved May 5, 2010, from http://www. associatedcontent. com/article/354724/top_10_functions_of_a_website_pg3. html? cat=35 Salome R. M (2009).

The Role of the Internet/Intranet within the Organization. Retrieved May 5, 2010, from http://www. associatedcontent. com/article/2326208/the_role_of_the_internetintranet_within_pg4. html? cat=3 Ulink (2010), Information Technology Degree: Information Technology School, Careers, IT Education. Retrieved May 5, 2010, from http://www. ulinks. com/informationtechnologydegreeeducation-informationtechnologyschoolscareers. htm Zeromillions (2005), Improve Your Communication To Improve Web Conversion. Retrieved May 5, 2010, From http://www. zeromillion. com/srs-website-functions

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