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Academic/personal achievement

Of your academic and personal experience, describe the one that gave you the feeling of greatest achievement or personal pride. (100 words) I began to learn dancing at a rather young age, but was no prodigy. When I made mistakes, my teacher often scolded me in public, leaving me embarrassed, and terribly confused with the desire to quit. But my love for the dance was so great that thankfully, I continued and today, dancing is no chore but a passion I enjoy and cherish.

Effortless splits, free dancing spirit, pointing toes have contributed to my complete development as a confident, determined and persevering individual with the ability to face challenges and move positively ahead for a bright and challenging future. (B) ESSAY: In the space below, complete your statement on “Why I chose my college major/area of study and how I plan to apply it to my career goals after graduation from college. ” (500 words) Hailing from an educational family background my parents stressed on education and the importance of academics.

My first experience and knowledge of research in education was introduced to me by my parents, even as I was a young child. I was deeply influenced by their reading habits and would often imitate their actions of reading big fat books. Children are what they experience at home, and this is completely true of me. The atmosphere at my home was so academic, that I too have imbibed much of my parents’ attributes. Watching them read and study, I too have begun to harbor the dream of becoming a great researcher like them and making a difference to society in which ever way possible.

Economics has many branches including Social Science, due to which I am particularly interested in the subject. It has great scope and many dimensions which relate to different aspects of life including analyzing figures, human relations and the development of critical thinking skills. Economics would enable me to build upon my current knowledge and develop my logical skills. To me, Economics is a challenging subject which I feel compelled to learn, since I believe that good things in life are not easy.

I am also aware that by learning Economics, I would be able to look at problems from a different perspective and device solutions using the appropriate approaches and attitudes. Needless to say, the personal development which will occur will shape my personality as a confident, knowledgeable and intelligent individual. Even though Economics is a challenging subject, I chose to apply for it rather than other simpler subjects, since through an education in Economics, I would be able to develop the skills of perseverance, hard work and sincerity, all of which are required to achieve success in academics as well as life.

Learning Economics would also place me in the company of intelligent, like minded people who desire to study and work hard in life and will broaden my horizons. As an economist, I aspire to walk shoulder to shoulder with the brains that are responsible for the efficient administration of countries. I also harbor a secret dream of becoming an economist and through certain policy measures and changes, making a difference to as many people as possible. I am deeply interested in research and development and hope to pursue a PhD in Economics.

The great economic revolution in China is amazing and with all my knowledge and experience, I aspire to return to my motherland, armed with knowledge, so that I can contribute to the development and progress of my country. I realize that the roles and functions of an economist are of immense responsibility and that the road to becoming one is not easy, nevertheless, I have the strength, grit and motivation to strive, so that one day I can make my parents proud of my academic and educational abilities and can make a difference to millions of people through the education I received.

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