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Personal Educational Plan

Returning to school is a big responsibility and one that I am willing to undertake. Making the decision to go back to school already shows my determination and desire to succeed. I am very hard working and do not fear facing difficulties as I work towards what I want. I have always valued education and how much it can help shape one’s career and life. According to Imel (n. d. ), adult learners have the tendency to be self-directing and internally motivated when it comes to their re-entry to education (cited in Landsberger, 1996b). Working before coming back to school has enriched me.

Through work, I have learned the importance of fully understanding the project to accomplish it well. I aim to take an active role in earning the best education I can have. The knowledge and experiences I have at present make me a determined and responsible student. One who has already realized the value of education thus, aims to learn all that one can. My return to school will be challenging because I am also working full-time. Despite how much I want this and will work for this, I also admit that this will not be easy nor am I perfect.

Every step will be a test and I will experience set backs. Unfortunately, unlike other students I have a full time job and it will be difficult to divide my time between work, studies and my personal life. However as I have already said, I am determined and prepared to work hard. I am confident that I am responsible and motivated enough to succeed in this endeavor. My PN exam results attest to how hard I am trying and pushing myself to earn my education. B. Preparing for the computerized final Having the will and desire to go back to school is only one-half of the process.

The other half is actually doing what I set myself out to do. To achieve all the necessary grades and requirements, it is extremely important that I have prepared and reviewed well for every class activity and exam. I believe that it is important that I remain focused and use all potentials when I review. Therefore, I prefer going to the campus library where the silence and peace allows me to give my full concentration to my books. I can remember better when there is no one or nothing distracting me. Even though I may be more comfortable studying at home, I really choose to stay at the library.

For convenience’s sake because it is nearer to where I work, I also go to public libraries. The library is also very beneficial because all the necessary and supplemental learning and research materials I may need are within my reach. While I value independent reading very much, I also believe that it is also important to have study partners and group discussions. Reviewing with other people enriches the knowledge I already have. It is a good opportunity to ask others about confusing details and share academic opinions. For group meetings and reviews, we usually head off to the student lounge or coffee shops like Starbucks.

While not as study-inducing as the library, these places allow for lively discussions and offer fewer distractions than malls. C. Developing student success strategies I believe that my successes are my own doings and that I should not blame anyone if things do not go according to my plan. However, I also believe that my interaction with other people also plays a part in how successfully I will earn my education. My professional mentors, my classmates and study group members, my friends, and family can affect my studies and my chances of passing or failing.

Fortunately for me, all the people I have mentioned have been very supportive and encouraging of my re-entry to school. My mentors serve as my inspiration to continuously improve my academic standing. My classmates are my comrades in this difficult journey and understand the position I am in since most of them are in similar situations. My friends and family are my biggest supporters. They have all been pushing and cheering me towards academic success. Though they may not even be aware of it, they have all added to my confidence and strength to pursue my education. Going back to school is a challenge, and I am prepared to work hard for it.

At times when it becomes too difficult, it is helpful that I am surrounded by people who boost my self-esteem and help me reaffirm why I am going through this challenges. D. Time-management My success in school will also depend on how well I manage my time. Juggling a fulltime job, my studies and personal life will not be easy but neither is it impossible. The key to succeeding in all three aspects of my life is to prioritize and take quick actions. I use planners and make to-do lists to keep me organized. It is important that I keep track of all urgent responsibilities I have to finish as well as all the long-term projects.

By being aware of all the requirements I have to pass, all the events I have to go to, and all the work I have to attend to, I am able to construct a schedule that allows me to work around everything. I include how long I need to do a particular activity and update my list with every accomplishment. It is important that I prioritize the difficult work first and set aside the unimportant things that can wait until after my work or school work has been done. Landsberger (1996a) shared tips to improve studying strategies. He highlighted the importance of having rough drafts to begin assignments.

It is important to get the big concept done before one goes into any detail (Landsberger, 1996a). Once the idea is developed, it is easier and faster to go from there. Landsberger (1996a) also shared that people ought to use their free time properly and find some passive and empty spots that one can insert a quick study. This empty spots include riding the bus, and waiting in line. I agree with Landsberger and plan to practice these tips to improve my study habits. Building and improving one’s familiarity and knowledge of a certain class day by day proves to better than just trying to cram everything in one sitting.

Constantly reviewing often is important so that one is never caught unprepared for any surprise exam or activities. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM [Insert your name] has always considered education as an important foundation for the future. We, the signees, agree with [him/her] and believe that education is vital for building up people’s careers because of the many opportunities it presents us. We acknowledge how [his/her] return to school underlines how strongly [he/she] believe this principle and how determined [he/she] is to empower [his/her] self for the future.

Re-entry to education is not an easy feat, but we can see that it is one that [insert your name] is very motivated to accomplish. [He/She] has lain out and is ready to use [his/her] tools for success: hard work, diligence, willpower and intelligence. [He/She] has been very resolute in [his/her] desire to finish the program successfully. We are equally determined to see [his/her] education through to the end. We aim to encourage and support [insert your name] in this challenge, and help [him/her] in times of difficulty whenever and however we can.

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