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Personal Action Plan for Diversity Consciousness

Valuing diversity is one of the most important things in any place, for example, in work place or other institutions. By having valuing diversity am able to establish strong relationship with all people regardless of their background. Having strong relationship is important as this assures that I work together with all people hence increasing productivity in any activity I engage in. Value of diversity would also lead to my personal growth. This is because I would be able to learn from all people by treating information and ideas from all people as important.

This is because I would be able to take all feedbacks given to me, for example, criticism positively. It will also assist me to be more open minded to ideas that come from other people. This would enhance mutual understanding with other people (Griggs, 1995). Communication is important in promotion of diversity awareness. Communication acts as the process by which the importance of value of diversity is transmitted to the people. Diversity awareness and education are the methods which are used to sensitize the people on the issue of importance of value to diversity.

Communication also acts the way by which exchange views about the values and beliefs of different. It is also the process by which people exchange ideas about their various diverse orientations (Kavanagh & Kennedy, 1992). In order for other people to be able to work more productively with me I need to improve my skills in communication. There is a need for me to try come out of individualistic mode of communication. I need to be more inclusive for example to include others so that they can feel they are included in any conversation. There is need to change the feeling of I to we in my communication so that other people feel they are included.

This will allow to enhance team work hence increased productivity. I also need to change to be more positive in my communication. There is need to show positivity in my communication so that other people feel motivated and encouraged to work harder. I have to do away with negative statements which may hinder performance by other people. References Griggs, L. (1995). Valuing diversity: new tools for a new reality, 1st edition, New York, McGraw-Hill. Kavanagh, K. & Kennedy, P. (1992) Promoting cultural diversity: strategies for health care professionals, New York, Sage Publications.

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