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Personal Statement

Personal Statement Being a part of an institute that has already a well-established background in international education is perhaps one of the most important aspects of further educating oneself. I believe that such perspective is one definitive step in fulfilling my objective of obtaining first-hand working experiences that would help me in my future practice and would introduce me to various activities that are strongly related with the corporate environment.

Mountbatten Institute compliments my desire in furthering my skills and know-how through the experiential education incorporated within their programs as well as the opportunities they provide to advance not only ones career life but also ones personal growth. I know that the institute is the right choice for me to embark upon my internship because optimal results can be expected, as seen from the individuals who were able to experience the internship themselves.

I know that the trainings as well as the academic activities being offered in the program would teach me to become more competitive in the business world and would set a ground for me to become well-endowed with skills that are imperative in succeeding every career path while enjoying the whole experience of working with people of diverse background.

As a person who gives high-regard for academic determination and perceives the fundamentals of trainings and experiences as a relevant factor in improving ones craft, I believe that I could give value and significant contributions to the institute through accepting the challenges that would be laid upon me, and by committing myself to the institution as a whole.

Through working my way on the top, I know that the education and trainings that I am about to get in Mountbatten Institute would help me secure a strong application for my later practice. In return, I am ensuring the institute that I am a good choice not only through my commitment but also by laying strong interest and self-actualization through the rest of my tenure.

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