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A President’s Solution for Peace

In April of 1971, when the American society found itself immersed in a climate of fear, trepidation, and uncertainty, and chaos, due to the numerous deaths that the American nation had suffered in the war in Vietnam, then President Richard Nixon gave a speech to the American nation concerning his plans and his achievements in aspiring to put an end to America’s involvement in the said war.

Based on the circumstances and the factors surrounding the events leading to America’s withdrawal to the war, it certainly seemed that his approach proved to be a triumph for peace, as evidenced in his popularity in the year 1972, and the ultimate realization of his goals, as proven by history. Primarily, President Nixon’s advocacy for a peaceful solution paved the way for his immense popularity a year after making his speech.

He was able to adhere to the aspirations of the general American public of withdrawing from the Vietnam War in order to impede the massive losses of American lives. This aim was especially evident in his offer to the Northern Vietnamese forces for an “immediate and unconditional release of all prisoners-of-war throughout Indo-China” (Nixon, 1971), that will result in “an America that is no longer divided by war but united in peace” (Nixon, 1971).

President Nixon’s objective of ending the war can be evidenced in his accomplishments from the time of assuming the presidency in 1969. These included several aims such as bringing home more than 265,000 American soldiers, which is almost half of the forces in Vietnam, as of May 1st of 1971, which bring it to a total of over 365,000, the destruction of enemy bases in Columbia, and the Laotian Operation, which resulted in the South Vietnamese’ realization that they possess the capability to resist the communist North Vietnam forces on their own.

In all, President Nixon was able to achieve his self-professed mission: which is for the “total American withdrawal from Vietnam” (Nixon, 1971). Reference Nixon, Richard. President Nixon Addresses Nation on Vietnam. Speech. April 1971. YouTube. com. Retrieved May 20, 2010, from <http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=NVRjlp_qAcY>

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