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Achieving the impossible

Accomplishing something that, at first, seemed almost impossible often gives one a great feeling of achievement and success. There are always vital strategic steps to take when dealing with a complicated situation, solving the problem, or trying to find a resolution of some sort. Being proactive in taking the first step, following through, and precise time management are the key elements that play major role in ones accomplishments. Overcoming the fear of taking the first step towards ones goal is the hardest task on the list.

Some people, like myself, automatically think they will fail before they even attempt to solve the problem. Thoughts of everything that could go wrong start to run across ones mind preventing him or her from thinking constructively. However, how can we know that we will fail before we even started? It is important to remember that one can only fail if he or she does not do anything. Any action towards the solution brings results no matter how small or insignificant they might seem at first.

Following through with ones work is another aspect to keep in mind while working towards ones achievement. If that goal requires multiple steps, it is a good idea to break it down into smaller steps and then focus all attention on one step at a time. That way the finish line will not seem to be over Mt. Everest. It is also vital to remember that no one can know absolutely everything, and not to be afraid to ask for help or advise when you get stuck or lost. This brings us to the last point. Time management is crucial for any project.

Set aside time to accomplish the impossible, and with the help of smaller steps it will be easier to conquer. “Rome wasn’t built in one day. ” Time management also consists of finishing the project or handing in the work on time, as we all live in the world with deadlines. Following the above mentioned guide lines will help one to attain his or her goals. Many tasks or projects in our lives might seem to be impossible to accomplish if we do not attempt to solve them, follow through with our work, and set up time or schedule to complete all planned within the deadlines.

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