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Adserver solutions

This provider proposes almost all the types of ad solutions including display, video and mobile formats. Over the past decade, ADTECH has established itself as a leader in the digital advertising industry, building strong relationships with a broad spectrum of agencies, publishers and marketers all over the globe because it is the serving platform of AOL advertising. Adserver solutions This company provides software applications, asp hosted solutions, dedicated server hosting, branding packages, custom programming, source code purchase and software reseller plans.

It also provides integration opportunities from websites, flash, blogs, xml feeds, mobile, podcasts to social media and everything in between. DFP by Google There are two main advantages of this provider: it is free and it is integrated with Google. The service delivers advertising from directly sold ads, Google AdSense and other ad networks to target audience and provides such services as scheduling, optimizing performance, reporting and managing inventory. Networks Representative (or Rep) Network Though it also be considered as targeted network, Gay AdNetwork is the examplr of representative network.

It is delivering branding campaigns which drive sales and customer acquisition and selling online banner advertising to national advertise. Ad Exchange Network Banner-exchange ExchangeAd network provides software for optimization for results, it also has real-time cheater monitor that monitors the performance of all web sites and allows usage banner auto-weight feature. Targeted network Though nowadays most of the ad networks are targeted, Google adSense one of the most popular networks. The integrated context analysis software analyses the textual content of the site and places the content-relevant ads only.

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