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American immigrants

The United States of America is a nation of immigrants. Americans living in the country today are either descendant from abroad, much like the first American immigrants. The changing population pattern in the country has significantly contributed to the country’s expansion, altering the American society. America saw an increase in immigration in the 80s- numbing to about 566,600 Majority of these immigrants came from Asia and Latin America following the political upheavals in these countries. This is a shift from the immigration boom in the late 1800s to early 1900s when the lure of the American dream was sought by Europeans.

The vast majority of Asians and Latin Americans initially brought back the traditional fears, suspicion and even disparity to the old immigrants who by now are citizens of the United States. Problems such as hiring illegal aliens were common mainly because majority were willing to pay at a lower rate. The issue was wrestled for a time until finally in 1986; Congress passed the Immigration Reform and Control Act which provided rigid tough punishment on illegal aliens. The strict provision did not stop the flow of immigrants into the 90s.

The slew of immigrants has continuously shared in the country’s economic expansion and perhaps even more. Asian Americans, for instance, tend to have high-paying jobs and have better education than the entire population. This is probably because of the way Asian Americans stress the importance of education. Furthermore, the influx of cultural centers and communities around the country such as Chinatown is a positive reflection on their importance in the makeup of American life. The so-called new immigrants have likewise contributed to the food industry, with ethnic restaurants and food offerings burgeoning side-by side with American fare.

America has also embraced immigrants in various industries, from the academic, politics, and even in the entertainment world. Immigrants have helped enrich American life with their rich cultures. They have continuously been at the forefront of aiding the nation into a global economy by retaining their sense of identity and heritage. Immigrants continue to build their lives in the United States, living the American dream with the same spirit that endured Americans in the past centuries.

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