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Archeological Discovery

We discovered this item near an ancient civilization in the coastal region of a continent on the planet we are exploring. The item was uncovered near what we feel were some form of habitation for the peoples of this civilization. What we have found appears to be some form of a weapons guidance system. The object is in great conditions and we can read much of the ancient writings on the device. As you can see it measures about 2 inches wide and is 8 inches tall. The inside of the device is made up of some ancient computer circuit boards. The device has several

buttons on it – many identified as to the intended use of these buttons. We will start at the top of the control panel and work our way down. The top two buttons are labeled “TV INPUT” and “TV POWER” . We feel the term “TV” refers to “Telemetry Vectoring” which leads us to identify this find as a form of weapons guidance system. The next group of buttons are about mid way down the device – the only one of this group we can read is the word “GUIDE” which is obviously the button to guide the weapon to it’s target. We then find tow longer buttons identified as “VOL” and “CHA? ”.

Te last character on the second button can not be made out – but through identification of the artifact it is probably the character “R” – to make the button read “CHAR”. These we feel are used to determine the velocity and final charging of the weapon system while on the way to the target. The lower part of the device is made up of a standard numbered pad – probably used to enter coordinates of the intended target. These numbered pads have been found in several areas around the area we are currently working in. This device can be nothing other than a weapons guidance system.

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